28/06/2016 05:24 BST | Updated 28/06/2017 06:12 BST

Big Brother 2016 - Week Three Review

Two evictions down and the novelty of 'the amazing new series' has begun to wear off slightly. I'm still thoroughly enjoying things so far; however two weeks in we've lost I feel the two strongest characters yet and I'm questioning whether the entertainment will decline.

Despite Natalie only lasting two weeks, she enters the Hall of Fame for Big Brother's nastiest housemates of all time. I'm pleased she was sent out through the front door, although I must admit; I really did enjoy her arguments with Jayne and Hughie. I thought Natalie was a complete bully; however seeing others stand up to her and refuse to back down made me proud to watch. In every series there's always the token bully (no name dropping needed), therefore to see housemates disallow it like Jayne and Hughie did was great to see.

Natalie, like many housemates did a pretty good job at convincing us she was "ready to leave", but why someone would undergo the lengthy audition process of a show like Big Brother to want out in only two weeks is absolutely beyond me, or should I say bulls**t? I've noticed that it's always the biggest ego's who claim they "want to go", since it's their way of gaining control of the inevitable and refusing defeat. Natalie was not only a malicious bully, but a fool. Even in her painful eviction interview, it's crazy to recognise how so many people still at don't know themselves at all, even at 53 years old.

Although I'm pleased for Jayne she can continue her residency in peace, I absolutely love watching her in a heated row, when tempers are flared. Having her ask Big Brother if they were on drugs and shriek down the diary room lense like a lout, was hilarious to say the least. She almost reminds me of a badly aged Nikki Grahame..... with a cockney accent and on A class drugs! She is my favourite to watch at the moment, by far.

Whilst showmances are beginning to get a little old for Big Brother patriots, there are already two in the house. Whilst Georgina and Jackson's seems a little more genuine, I feel like they are two broken children bonding over their insecurities. Opposites are known to attract at first, but I think it's highly unlikely the relationship will even continue, let alone last in the house.

Speaking of Jackson, who appears to be popular with the viewers; I'm beginning to sense a dark side to him that I believe will surface in time. Whilst I'll never hold his background against him, I feel his inner chav will eventually emerge. There are times where I recognise an entitlement and deep rooted bitterness in his mindset and although I see him going far, I don't believe he will leave the house to the same cheers he received in week one.

Ryan who seems to be playing up to an ambiguous romance/showmance with Hughie has clearly thought through his Big Brother storylines well in advance. Although I actually adore the pair of them, together and individually, Ryan's attempt to get more airtime and fake another dysfunctional homosexual relationship (starting to become reminiscent to the one that occurred in my series) could end up being his biggest downfall.

For once, it's refreshing to see the stereotypically perceived "cool kids" not take centre stage this series. Whilst, Laura and Evelyn have both fallen completely under the radar, Sam (who I have a feeling believes he is loved on the outside world), seems to be disliked by the rest of the viewers as much as I do. Good old Chelsea who thinks he is the don of this household will be evicted as soon as he is nominated. Sadly, it appears that his housemates actually respect him for some unknown reason, therefore I fear it could be a while before he's chucked out.

Unfortunately, the storyline that has been taking centre stage seems to be the former relationship of Charley and Jason's. I felt sorry for Charley in the beginning but now feel she is incredibly selfish. Although she clearly loves Jason and is ultra sensitive, she has the emotional intellect of a child. There is something about her I find very juvenile and naive. She reminds me of someone that asks everyone for advice on the same topic until she gets the answers she needs. If her psychotic behaviour continues, it won't be long before she is out which I assume could be sooner rather than later.