'Big Brother' 2014 - Week 7 Recap

Despite the fact I made my short but sweet return to the house on Tuesday to effectively stir things up within an eventful 60 seconds, this week proved to be a little more interesting than previous since my departure.

For any Big Brother viewers that might have referred to me as a "drip", or complained that I made no impact in the house for the four weeks I was a housemate, they certainly can't complain that I didn't throw a spanner in the works last week. Despite the fact I made my short but sweet return to the house on Tuesday to effectively stir things up within an eventful 60 seconds, this week proved to be a little more interesting than previous since my departure.

Following last week's tragic eviction results, we saw the unfortunate departure of LA glamour girl Kimberley, whose worsened health meant she was unable to return to the house. Despite the compassion I felt when witnessing Steve struggle, this sudden announcement quickly resulted in him experiencing a full on Britney Spears meltdown, comical to many of us. I highly doubt Steve's mental health would have been anything to worry about, yet seeing him erratically shave his head bald, indulging in an uncharacteristic display of beauty regimes, spewing words of sheer oddity and almost finding an imaginary friendship in a fabric robot, Steve's idiosyncratic character definitely stood out in a humorous and fascinating light over the course of his final week.

Upon finding out that Ashleigh had been selected as the new power housemate, I was delighted to believe that justice could finally be served to the house and that the right people would be up for nomination. Throughout this series, it has been more than obvious that we have witnessed an ongoing tail of injustice. Knowing that the young and sweet, head-strong Ashleigh had the say in who faced the public vote, alongside Chris and Mark definitely put me at ease earlier on in the week and I can only assume the same for the viewers. This of course resulted in another spin that caused outrage and fury following the reveal that Ash would be saved and Ashleigh would be screwed over by Big Brother and put up for eviction in his place. I was extremely infuriated by this twist after the public themselves had voted Ashleigh to be in power giving her immunity, but once again Big Brother had manipulated both the viewers and British public. Did I ever mention that when Toya and I were in power Iris had informed us that we were indeed also exempt from nominations in the week of our reign? That's ironic; who was evicted in that week again?

Throughout this week I had also noticed a new and sudden Twitter aversion towards Mark. I of course witnessed the way in which he had attempted to justify his power decisions to Helen in what came across as though he was passing the buck to Ashleigh and Chris. What people forget about Big Brother is that it is heavily edited and that his words of regret towards nominating fellow friend Ash could have been no doubt truthful. My opinion of my best friend in that house will not change as I understand the stress any housemate can go through when Big Brother has thrown them under the bus and the discomfort anyone can feel after the house has turned on them. Most importantly, I would be disappointed in any viewer to forget for one second that there is a certain person in that house who holds a lot of power and influence over their fellow housemates; one who Mark regards himself to be extremely close with. Unfortunately in this circumstance, Mark felt the need to justify himself to someone that he owes nothing to but did anyway, and for that reason he should not be the one to suffer.

Since going in the house for a short-lived task that subsequently sparked a fire within the Big Brother house, I have received brutal backlash and actual threats from a certain housemate's friends who did not agree with my words regarding one of the newbies. Usually I would never feel the need to justify myself and wouldn't, however given that I have been only judged on the content of what I said for the single minute I was shown on TV, I will backup my opinions for anyone curious enough to want to know as I have not yet had the chance to and do not have the space to in a 140-character tweet limit.

I have never slated either newbie personally and if I were in that house I would have probably liked both on face-value. Their decision to evict Danielle only minutes before committing to it was not a choice in which I have held in high regard. Regardless of my personal friendship with Danielle, they evicted someone who had been put in a vulnerable position all week by the rest of the housemates and someone who evidently was utilised because they could not face the inside backlash of booting someone who the public would have actually wanted to leave, simply due to the consequences of their relationships with the "cool kids" in the house. Remember: once you cross a certain person in that house, the band-wagon mentality kicks in and your pending eviction arrives inevitably quickly. If people are still disputing my "snake in the grass" comment then that's your explanation.

Three housemates were put in there to shake things up, create a balance between the household cliques and cleverly observe each housemate in order to make a rational decision. If anything they have contributed towards the imbalance further by their actions and are now sitting in the background to coast their way to the final. I will also conclude with the stance that when one goes into the Big Brother house to further their performing arts career and grow a fan base, that person cannot afford to sabotage their career by one 'questionable' bad move. I have no personal problems or bitterness towards either Pav or Zoe, I have an opinion of their tactics in the house which appear very rational in my own mind.

Predictions: Pav will go this week. And on the chance that the public do vote him out, I cannot be blamed as that decision would be out Bianca's, Danielle's, and my own hands.

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