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Big Brother 2016 - Week Six Review

This series is soon drawing to an end. After this week's "Annihilation" it really does feel the show has significantly shifted from the stage it was at a week ago...

This series is soon drawing to an end. After this week's "Annihilation" it really does feel the show has significantly shifted from the stage it was at a week ago.

With all the hype "Annihilation week" was given, I'd safely say Big Brother did live up to its expectation. Although, in some cases I'm not sure we witnessed much of an "annihilation"; more a group of governed housemates sitting calmly round a table, deliberating who to send home.

The first annihilation was this year's most deluded twit Chelsea. Although he was as unwanted in the house as gentile herpes, I can't say my dislike towards him has eaten me up since his departure. Like most evictees, the jumped-up wannabe 60's gangsta will quickly slide into insignificance along with the majority of this year's early evictees.

Interestingly, despite the explosive series this one has been and characteristic cast showcased, there seem to be no "legendary housemates" from this year's lineup. Lateysha, one of the key characters in this year's series, who was the bookies favourite to win was given a tactical boot by Jason. In probably the most explosive eviction in years, I was left feeling a little disappointed that a strong contestant with a good personality, banter and reason had been kicked out over other contestants that do less than the house furniture.

Although I would have loved to see Lateysha make the final, her reaction to her eviction seriously let her down. Whilst it was her housemates fault, who put her on a pedestal feeding her with compliments about how she was going to win, it seemed as if Lateysha wasn't so grounded after all. Evidently, she reckoned herself as a contender, by even declaring to Jason that he would be the next one out for his actions. In Big Brother, nobody is more or less deserving than any other housemate. I found myself saying, why exactly will Jason be evicted next for this Lateysha? Obviously this is because she thinks she's the peoples champ after all.

Although Lateysha played a humble game, she obviously saw herself as more worthy of the prize fund. When you audition for Big Brother you are told by the producers repetitively that there are no opportunities to make money from the show, unless you win all or part of the prize fund itself. Any recent housemates who claim they have made the big buck's from the show are talking out their arse. I know several, but believe me they're lying.

Lateysha claimed that she was in Big Brother for her daughter, but I heavily doubted so. She was in there for a chance to reclaim her fame and this was obvious. I understand Big Brother was presented to her and she took up the opportunity, but to expect to outlast all other contestants and make a career from it says plenty about her character.

As expected, Jason is now the house villain due to the fact he decided to make a decision that would ruffle feathers amongst the house "insiders". It was no surprise to me that as soon as Jason did something that the majority of the housemates didn't agree with they took the chance to say "Charlie was right". No Charlie wasn't right, she was just blinded by bitterness and so are the rest of them. One thing he has done that the housemates fail to see eye to eye with, they jump at a chance to side with someone with a warped and deluded opinion of him.

Jason had the right to evict whoever he wanted and if the housemates had an issue with it they should have pressed their buttons sooner. Jason made a point of the fact Lateysha had never given him the time of day and only until her interview with Chelsea I realised how unpleasant she can be. Ryan and Sam had put her on a pedestal from day one, simply because her "fame" and fag hag persona is appealing for any flamboyant queen. Whether they really liked her or used her for her inside and outside popularity is questionable.

By the end of annihilation week, Ryan was the final housemate to become victim. It's no secret that I loved Ryan from day one, despite him being everything I'd typically dislike in an everyday person. He was another great character in this year's series and I thought his seat in the final was set in stone. It's obvious to everyone that either Sam or Laura did receive the fewest votes and they've managed to coast this far by the skin of their teeth.

Whilst Evelyn has started to bring more to the table, Laura has done nothing since spreading her legs. Sam who has been the least interesting housemate this series was clearly devastated by his lack of cheers on Friday night. Both of these housemates are examples of people who get by in the popular crowds at school but lack any actual vigour or substance. Big Brother will be a reality check for them when they left not knowing what to do after the show and have been made redundant as two forgettable ex housemates.

I'm suspecting this week's eviction will be a double and we'll see the back of Laura. As Jayne has always been an underdog, I see her scapegoated and potentially shown the door too. I'd love to see Jayne make the final as I believe she has a strong fan base and has been the dark horse of the series.

If Jason isn't nominated this week, I see him in the final three alongside Hughie and Andy. Who wins, I'm still unsure of, however believe it's still an open race.

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