03/07/2015 09:20 BST | Updated 02/07/2016 06:59 BST

'Big Brother: Timebomb' - Week Six Review

Helen was cancer to last year's Big Brother house and this year's series was equally affected. I can only feel sorry for the housemates who auditioned for this year's series, rather than last year's but ended up having to live with the corrupted, twisted, rotten woman.

It goes without saying that I love Big Brother. Writing a weekly blog is something I enjoy, however last week I was hesitant about doing it, hence why it is late.

Last year I chose to participate in the show with undoubtedly the vilest human being I had ever encountered. This year I had to watch this person dominate Big Brother all over again and corrupt another series.

In life, people tend to have their own opinions on certain things and certain people. Some may prefer chocolate, others prefer vanilla. There are opinions and there are facts and it is a fact (not opinion) that Helen Wood is not only a despicable person, but undeniably a bully. Last year I had to witness a bully be rewarded £100,000 for victimising others for ten weeks straight, whilst delusional viewers glorified the catastrophic win. A year later I feel relieved in knowing that the entire 1.3million Big Brother audience are also on common ground in realising they were wrong. Better late than never, I always say; bad people always get what they deserve in the end.

Watching the show means watching Helen Wood and having an opinion on the show means having an opinion on her. Leading up to this week's blog, there was no way I'd avoid dishing out my opinion on her outrageous behaviour when it truly was shameful.

Helen was cancer to last year's Big Brother house and this year's series was equally affected. I can only feel sorry for the housemates who auditioned for this year's series, rather than last year's but ended up having to live with the corrupted, twisted, rotten woman. Not only did she darken the sky and remove any sort of tranquillity within the house, but successfully bullied someone to leave. Big Brother is said to bring the worst out in people, but I feel it's the housemates; the rotten apple Helen Wood is living proof.

In the ten weeks Brian Belo lived inside the Big Brother house seven years ago, we never saw him lose him temper or personally insult others the way he did with Helen. Similarly, Danny who had been the most level-headed and reasonable of all the housemates was entirely pushed to his limits and provoked to self-destruction. We are all in control of our own behaviour and must take responsibility for it, but there are unfortunate people who are toxic and always poison others. Upon watching Helen's exit interview where she had to clutch at straws to justify her reprehensible behaviour, I recall her stating herself "other people pushed me"; a deluded rationale for "everyone else's has a problem, not me". No Helen, YOU are the one with the problem!

When you go in to Big Brother you are told to have thick skin and ignore the negative comments from the viewers. People told me as long as I knew myself, it didn't matter what others thought. I'd argue with that, believing that when every single person says the same thing about you, the chances are they are probably correct! Anyone who gave an opinion, Helen had bulldozed over like an vicous pitbull. Anyone who spoke or acted in a way she did not agree with, she'd unruly character assassinate and mentally torment. Whoever threw shade back, Helen threw daggers. Dare attack her nasty character, she'll attack you on your biggest insecurities and call you every foul name under the sun. As a woman who stands by prostituting herself for the good of her own child, I can only imagine how she would react if someone described her own as looking like a "murderer" or "paedophile".

As a viewer of the show it made me highly uncomfortable watching nearly every housemate goaded, intimidated, maliciously and personally attacked as a result of standing their own ground and not dealing with situations identically to herself. If I ever lost faith in humanity it occured when living with Helen Wood. Prior, I was optimistic enough to believe that underneath every bitch's exterior was a hurt, damaged soul, but she is purely evil.

Whilst the stay of the former "legends" was rather discomforting to watch, I can now continue to focus on the remaining cast who deserve their own chance to shine.

I gave Marc a lot of credit initially for his house strategy. I enjoyed watching him bring drama and entertainment to the house, liking the fact that he still showed sincerity to the other housemates. It is fair to say that Marc was poisoned and now has been left in the lurch by someone paid to cause controversy. Sadly for Marc his alliance with the spawn of Satan has cost him £150,000; it's what happens when you aren't quite bright enough to distance yourself from a dementor.

I cannot disagree with the fact Marc has been a good housemate and effectively saved the show in week two; however it took Helen for the viewers to see the real side of Marc, someone vindictive and conniving. Once the Marc show subsides (hopefully this week or next) after he has been evicted, I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the housemates shine. Last year a hideous person won, this year I have faith that the public will choose someone of decency.

Despite Marc facing eviction this week, I believe Jack will inevitably become pie-faced. His downfall has been humiliating and quite frankly he deserves putting out his misery.

Rather than detesting the majority of housemates, wishing quadruple evictions could take place every week I remain indifferent to most of them. I couldn't care who leaves each week leading up until the final, neither am bothered on who wins at this point in time. Without former housemates running the show and ruining it, I am in hope that I can warm to some of them once again before the final emerges.