01/07/2013 11:54 BST | Updated 29/08/2013 06:12 BST

Big Brother - Week Two Recap

This week has been so-so in the Big Brother house, or perhaps I should say a typical week of mediocre television from the Channel 5 show.

After the first week's twists and drama, I was looking forward to see how the rest of the house would take shape without the shows former protagonist and antagonist (Michael and Sallie), however I can already see what is beginning to happen; the big personalities will all get evicted, leaving the boring housemates to last.

The problem we currently have is that there aren't enough entertaining characters. Don't get me wrong, Jemima was excruciatingly frustrating to watch, almost causing me to want to throw myself down the staircase every time she tried to convince us that her ALIVE daughter had once DIED, however she caused a stir in the house and created drama. Without her, we're only left with a number of verging villains.

On one hand, I was impressed by Gina's rebellious attempt to stick her finger up at Big Brother this week, anticipating that the diva would revert back to her self-centered and stubborn ways. However, her later attempt to compromise with Big Brother left me wanting more drama. Now that Jemima has gone, the show may be short of any antagonists, which is a cause for concern for any fanatic viewer, or at least myself.

This week's task was disgustingly morbid, but managed to cause some laughable moments. Seeing Gina consume those rancid concoctions was slightly surprising, given that I did not expect her to have a bone of selflessness in her; yet the most comical part of the task was seeing one of the twins agree to have a bald strip shaved through his head. As much as I loved his "It ain't even a real virus" reaction, I still cannot comprehend why anyone would in their right mind agree to that in the first place. Nevertheless, the fact Big Brother will now force a housemate to suffer another seven weeks with a haircut like a dick, for the sake of one weeks luxury shopping budget it somewhat hilarious.

I'm in doubt that any shocking twists or astonishing tasks will take place this week; however I have not lost hope for the future. In the meantime I'm content with watching Wolfy's frequent outbursts, Dan continue to be an argumentative prick and Dexter accidentally express how sexually confuse he is, but let's hope Big Brother does not leave it too long without shaking things up further.

Next week I predict that Dexter will once again be up for nomination, potentially alongside Dan as well as Charlie, whose inability to ask questions in a diplomatic manner is eventually going to bite her in the arse. I would predict Gina, however I wouldn't be surprised to see the housemates tactically avoid putting her up.

All we can do is hope that one of the non entities miraculously gets the boot next Friday, but with the "vote to evict" rule still in place, I believe we're going to witness a number of key characters leave the house first. New housemates to come?