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Big Brother - Week 4 Opinion

The majority of this week's highlights have revolved around the Daley & Hazel relationship "story-line", which as Dexter even agrees is immensely cringey.

When it comes to Big Brother twists over the years, on plenty of occasions we've witnessed shocks, entertainment and excitement. Fourteen series down the line, you'd think the one twist that has been slightly overdone was the "Safe House".

Could anyone ever forget the fourth series of Big Brother, when Michelle and Emma's heads were revealed under the dinning plates of their housemates buffet table? Despite the fact this twist has been overdone, we've been in need of more entertainment this series and I think we can safely say that this year's 'safe house' worked out well enough. Whether the power that the secret housemates were exposed to is what made it work, or whether it was down to simply the fact that Dexter & Gina, two of the most controversial housemates yet were picked to enter it, that's another question. Nevertheless, the fact that Dexter & Gina are the only ones to see the true colours of 'evil' Hazel wins me over instantly. The reveal on the other hand was a bit of an anti-climax, but I can't say I expected much more from Channel 5.

The most frustrating thing about the show is the fact that no housemates are able to watch the show through the eyes of the viewer; but now we have two housemates who know exactly who is genuine and who they need to watch out for! All we can do is hope that they take advantage of their power and use all their efforts to turn the house against Hazel, Calum and Jackie over the next few weeks.

Another learning of ours this week; Daley actually has a personality? Unfortunately, not much of a dynamic one and neither is he highly intelligent or articulate either; considering that every other word that leaves his mouth begins with F. Sometimes I genuinely feel as if I'm watching a show that tortures thick people; you really can be cruel BB!

The majority of this week's highlights have revolved around the Daley & Hazel relationship "story-line", which as Dexter even agrees is immensely cringey. However, he's clearly oblivious to the fact that his mirror impersonations and awkwardly odd mannerisms hands-down beat them out in Big Brothers top five most cringy moments of all time. Let's also not forget his badly timed, awkward reveal towards his feelings for Charlie (what the hell was that about?). Aside from this, it appears that we're witnessing another cliché love-story take shape; whether it's genuine or not we are yet to find out. Personally I was hoping Hazel got evicted, booed the hell out of and then bitch slapped on stage by Daley's 'girlfriend' from the ghetto, but that didn't happen. Instead we saw the pig with blonde hair, Wolfy get the boot at last! - good enough for me. Surprisingly enough I did not see her spit once during her eviction interview; I must I say I'm proud of her impeccable hygiene and manners.

I'm looking forward to seeing how they will utilise the safe house going forwards. Already, have they capitalised on the idea of locking up Hazel & Daley together, in hope that they will shag and the producers can milk their relationship as much as possible. Now they have two bedrooms allows them to take advantage of the house's power dynamics, so it will be interesting to see what further challenges and tasks lay in store over the next few weeks... just please do not give Dan the power! Dexter I have no doubt will be up for nomination this week; whether or not the public have warmed to him is unclear as of yet, however if either Hazel or Daley are up for eviction I'd put money on one of them being out next!

Also, the most laughable thing about this week is BB trying to reveal how Hazel and Wolfy's eviction votes were the closest ever (only 150 votes apart). However, are they stupid enough to have us convinced that people actually vote anymore and that they received over 1000 phone calls in total?

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