21/07/2013 17:37 BST | Updated 19/09/2013 06:12 BST

Big Brother - Week 5 Opinion

Sometimes it feels as if this series launched an eternity ago and that the housemates are decreasing rapidly. However, I then recall that only four evictions have taken place, despite six housemates in total leaving since the launch of the show. Fortunately each housemate evicted since the first week has been the one I've desperately hoped to leave. Let's hope this continues.

It's interesting to see how the tables have now turned. Dexter and Gina my two favourites are now recognised as the most popular housemates in the outside world, to the rest of them, whilst former "insiders" such as Hazel and Charlie are on the potential chopping line for next week. Mrs Jackie Travers drove me absolutely mad. For weeks I had wished that someone would remove the OAP from the premises and at last she's been given the boot. However, hearing her worry about last week's eviction made me wonder how she could be so vain to believe she was even good enough to be voted out anyway. I guess she was hated enough after all.

The most controversial event this week was Daley's ejection from the house; which I continue to have mixed feelings about. It purely causes me to hate Hazel more, to witness how sexist, racist and bias Big Brother was to the entire situation. To me, the obvious issue here was the sexual frustration between the two of them. For the last two weeks we've seen nothing but constant flirting and sexual tension in the house. It's been painful to watch as a viewer in all honesty! Putting them in the safe house together was a cheap method of capitalising on their current relationship story-line, which was evidently a bad idea!

I've never been a fan of Hazel from the start. She hides behind her looks and uses them to manipulate everyone within the house. It's obvious that she wound Daley up the wrong way, but she was incapable of quitting while she was ahead, upon realising that she was encountering a man with a notable aggression problem; another sign of her narcissistic level of pride.

To see a man retaliate in that way was a shock. The way in which he handled the situation proved to viewers that he clearly has an anger issue he is incapable of managing and most probably acts this way in the outside world; potentially to his (ex) girlfriend, if he was able to lash out so easily to someone he's only known for four weeks - not to forget on live television. Perhaps she needs to rethink about the guys she's flirting with; and perhaps the producers need to rethink about the thugs they are adding to their line-up for Big Brother. I'm glad that we can now put the "Dazel" love storyline to a rest. What I find interesting now is how Hazel has simply faded into insignificance without Daley.

The new prime story within the house revolves round the love triangle with Charlie, Dexter and Calum. Firstly, it frustrates me to see Charlie receive so much attention when actually she is nothing more than an ordinary, average looking girl. Calum just creeps me out and causes me to cringe every time he opens his mouth, whilst I struggle to believe that Dexter genuinely has feelings for Charlie. I wouldn't be surprised if it was part of his calculating game plan to attract attention from the media. Nevertheless, it appears to be working as Charlie's attitude to him has seen a noticeable change recently. I think we're all desperate to see the two of them share a passionate kiss. Despite that the two of them are possibly the most incompatible housemates in there, we need some more controversy.

Another "twist" took place on Friday night's eviction. As expected, it really wasn't a great one; however it did result in the two most boring housemates being put up for nomination. The problem is that whoever they pick to join them will clearly be evicted, as no viewer of the show would even give two shits to call in and vote for such bores.

I continue to love the twins week after week. Dan has made a slight turn in my book, purely because there aren't as many controversial housemates left for him to clash with. Hazel is the only housemate I still have an issue with and hope that she'll be out soon. I honestly have no idea who Sam & Sophie will pick to join them in the safe house, mainly down to the fact that they're so boring I don't even know who they are close to. However, once this is revealed we'll already know who's to be evicted soon this Friday.