Big Brother - Week 6 Opinion

For the first time this series, I'm genuinely gutted with this week's eviction outcome. Another twist that took place last week has essentially backfired again, leading to the eviction of the alpha-male in the house.

For the first time this series, I'm genuinely gutted with this week's eviction outcome. Another twist that took place last week has essentially backfired again, leading to the eviction of the alpha-male in the house. In retrospect, my feelings towards Dan were so negative in the first couple of weeks, however I admit that the majority of viewers would agree that we've now lost one of our best housemates and can only vision the house becoming less entertaining following his absence.

After last Friday's reveal I was glad to know that Sam or Sophie, the two most insignificant housemates would be up for eviction. I couldn't care to consider which one I'd have preferred to leave as neither of them had made enough of an impression on me in over six weeks now. Just the idea that one of them would leave was satisfying enough. However, upon realising that they would have power to nominate an additional housemate left the majority of viewers already knowing that no matter who this person was; they would leave!

In the earlier weeks, Dan's direct nature had verged on aggressive and almost overly confrontational. However, I begun warming to him over the last couple of weeks. He was one of the only genuine, up front people in that house and although came across argumentative; spoke his mind and let his true feelings constantly be known. It's a shame to see him leave only mid-way through the series, whilst a number of non-entities remain in that house who provide no contribution to the show.

In more fortunate news, this week Hazel was more or less ruined. Not only do we have confirmation that every other viewer highly dislikes her, but she has now learned her own worth. The only issue I have with Big Brother these days is that they allow housemates to be exposed to too much outside information, allowing them to learn their public perception. One of the principles of the show is that housemates are supposed to have no direct contact with the outside world, so that they can act freely as they wish without any knowledge of how they are perceived. Subsequently, it's clear that Hazel's demeanour within the house has been altered by this, therefore I now find myself being compassionate towards her rather than relishing in my hatred towards her personality as I had done for previous weeks. I don't want to be sympathetic to her, as we all know she deserves this punishment for her previous acts. Perhaps it's her ability to manipulate people through her looks, but playing the vulnerable model I hope will work against her. Every time we witnessed her lash out maliciously to Dexter and Gina, we saw her true colours emerge. She clearly isn't a nice person.

To me own surprise, for some strange reason I now find myself slightly warming to Callum. Don't get me wrong, he's a complete creep and utter cringe-bag. However, I have to admit; seeing him perform that lap dance has gained by up-most respect; mainly because he's so uptight and handled it like a pro. The deal with Callum is that he has not actually done anything wrong. What I can't bear to witness is people criticising someone for being "too nice". Truth be told; he's a genuinely kind person that does not have a bone of evil in them and for that reason I won't discriminate towards him when housemates such as Hazel and Charlie are so much more mean spirited.

Hazel will no doubt be up for nomination this week, as every housemates will use her as their scapegoat for nominations, trying to convince Big Brother somewhere along the lines that by nominating her, they are 'doing her a favour' of some sort. It's starting to become predictable that Dexter and Gina (two of the now proven favourites) will be in the final. As the public blew what will probably be their only chance to have evicted Sophie & Sam, I have no doubt these two will boringly coast their way into the final as well. Until then, it is inevitable that Hazel, Callum and Charlie will be the next three out. The only uncertainty is the order of these evictions, therefore we can only hope that Big Brother have recognised this prediction and will put their foot in and throw in any big twists that would largely shake things up. I say this nearly every week, who am I starting to kid?


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