06/08/2013 12:31 BST | Updated 05/10/2013 06:12 BST

Big Brother - Week 7 Opinion

This week was so dull that I actually had to remind myself to write a weekly recap. Does that say something about the fact this show is getting less interesting the longer it goes on? This was of course until Thursday's episode aired (or perhaps Wednesday's it may have been) when we witnessed Callum and Dexter's rivalry hit the next level.

By the way, reading my recap on last week; I almost feel embarrassed what I said about Callum being a "good person" deep down. Not only is he a nasty person, but he is a crazy lunatic. Quite frankly I cannot comprehend how he passed the psychological tests as mentally stable upon entering that house. After witnessing his extremely neurotic rants (not to forget hand-clenchingly cringy one-liners) throughout the whole of the show, I genuinely believed he needed to be ejected from that house and locked up inside whichever mental institution he escaped from. Or perhaps he could have won the show and used that prize fund to commit himself, because not only from having to watch his argument against Dexter, but from judging that horrific eviction outfit, he is clearly not mentally sane to walk the streets.

Needless to say, I am glad Callum is gone. Don't get me wrong, I like the controversial housemates, but he was just too much. I felt as if the venom that came out his mouth was considerably disturbing to listen to and in his own words I'd agree that "it should be illegal to talk that much bullshit". I'm glad Dexter has won the war!

Even as the strong characters are evicted one by one, Sophie and Sam still continue to fade into further insignificance. Only an extremely limited number of entertaining characters are left, and if either Gina or Dexter are evicted next I may quit watching the monstrosity of the series. I still dislike Hazel. To me, I don't believe she brings anything interesting to the house. Now, all she can do is pretend she is pretentious given the fact she's a model and can get away with acting it, after admitting she has no interest in making effort with the rest of the housemates. Charlie continues to annoy the shit out of me episode after another. The only thing I like about her is her ability to say something stupid and get her arse kicked by whoever she has so blatantly, yet so undiplomatically and unintentionally slammed. The twins also make me want jump off a bridge. Why they are vain enough to even assume they are actually hated enough to have been evicted over Callum, Dexter and Hazel is another wonder of mine. I'm pretty sure I like one of the twins more than the other; however I still cannot tell either of them apart to know which one it actually is.

In the beginning of the show the only housemates I could see winning the show were the twins. Now I am nearly positive that Gina will take the prize fund. Ironically, she is the one who allegedly pays £18,000 worth of rent to the Savoy Hotel and already gets an allowance of £10K per month, so clearly £100K won't get her very far. I can't wait for this to happen and laugh about the fact that a rich bitch gets the money undeservingly when housemates like Wolfy pay £60 rent a week and the twins have to go back to work at Sainsbury's!