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Big Brother - Week 8 Opinion

Perhaps there is a god after all! At last, the public have seen the light, the golden gates have opened; the b*tch is out! Possibly a month overdue, but it was about time Hazel got evicted.

Perhaps there is a god after all! At last, the public have seen the light, the golden gates have opened; the b*tch is out! Possibly a month overdue, but it was about time Hazel got evicted. I've been longing for the day she walked through those doors and got egged the shit out of, however I naively must have forgotten the incentives of the audience members, which aren't to witness the evicted housemates exit, but to do whatever they can to get a mere fifteen seconds of themselves on camera ranting about a load of bull.

Despite the fact that Hazel begun fading into significance following Daley's removal from the house, the tension between Gina and herself had erupted this week. Considering Gina is my favourite housemate in that house there's nobody better I could have asked for to put Hazel in her place. Knowing full well that this was Hazel's last week, I felt that I might as well just sit back and enjoy the drama between her and Gina as they cussed each other inside out every day. If I'm honest, I still cannot believe the sort of things they said to each other in that bedroom. I can't admit that when I have arguments with someone on the bed next to me we resort to calling each other "dirty whores" and "ugly munters", but let's not forget that this is Big Brother and the housemates don't exactly hold back, or have much respect for themselves either. I'm more so surprised Hazel has any eyebrows left after witnessing the speed and hostility of her eyebrow plucking pick up significantly during her passively aggressive fight. They definitely would have not lend themselves to a second round. The fact that Hazel had told Gina how ugly she was without makeup on was someone shockingly hilarious, mainly due to the fact it's so true. But the better one-liners came from Gina's mouth who said it all! After this week's events I'd consider it to have become even clearer that Gina has the winners crown in the bag. She has been everything we've wanted in a housemate; ruthless, up front, direct and hilariously candid.

Another reason I hate Hazel so much is after the way she made Charlie feel once the housemates friends & families nominated. Let's be honest here, Charlie's friend said EXACTLY what every viewer wanted to say about Hazel and she did us well! Once again, being the manipulative cow that she is, Hazel did everything she could to alienate Charlie further from the group. Fortunately, it didn't last long as everyone knows Hazel is a bitch anyway. I still can't decide whether or not I like Charlie; she is probably the most "human" person in that house so I try not to judge her as often as most people do for her less than diplomatic approach to the majority of words that leave her mouth.

Sam still bores me shitless. Sophie's "naaaan" hit the nail on the head with him; however has she not watched her own granddaughter on TV? I think the producers made the mistake of not putting the grandmother in there instead. I'd be surprised if there was any major drama in the final week, mainly due to the fact that all the villains have been evicted and so many bores remain in that house. For next week's eviction I predict either Charlie or the Twins will get the boot, however as much as I love Dexter it would be kind of amusing to see him leave considering his reactions to being saved have always been so emotional. He'd probably ball his eyes out if he were to genuinely be evicted! However, I'd potentially force myself to turn the TV off as I've witnessed a countless number of cringey moments too many throughout this series; the majority being from him. Its enough!