15/07/2014 14:39 BST | Updated 14/09/2014 06:59 BST

'Big Brother' 2014 - Week 5 Recap

It might have only been 10 days since my eviction from the Big Brother house but somehow it already feels like a lifetime ago I lived in there.

It might have only been 10 days since my eviction from the Big Brother house but somehow it already feels like a lifetime ago I lived in there. Although I've begun working on a much more lengthy and insightful blog post, dishing all dirt of my housemates as well as the ins and outs of the entire process (which I am soon to perfect), I was unable to resist indulging in a more observant and indifferent post that recapped my opinions on the latest evictions, new housemates and recent shenanigans that have endured throughout the last week of Big Brother since my departure from the show.

I definitely enjoyed the battery task, witnessing housemates make emotional decisions over their head in risk of losing out on a luxury shopping budget. Despite the fact that the battery was majorly drained by Danielle's choice of having a precious five minutes with her dog and a rather ridiculous pampering session for Mark, Marlon was the unfortunate one to receive the bitter end of another evil Big Brother twist. Although I clearly understood why Marlon has pressed the button within the spur of the moment, I think he may unfortunately not have been bright enough to think through the repercussions of it fully, not only for his own fate but also for his fellow best friend; Jale who was subsequently evicted on Friday night.

It would be fair to say viewers are highly aware of my feelings towards Helen and of course alliance with young sweet Ashleigh. Having to witness her experience the wrath of Helen, Kim and Jale was very uncomfortable and frustrating to watch when I have to continue seeing decent people mistreated in that house week after week. Later on in the week, what I thought would have been humanly impossible happened; Ashleigh and Helen called a truce in their rivalry. Despite how it looks I don't believe it is authentic in the slightest and neither do I think it will last.

With regards to Markstopher, who expected that? Unfortunately, I don't believe it is genuine. Given the extreme circumstances they are currently situated in, which is the Big Brother house; the environment has caused them to merely act in ways that are not usual to themselves. I did believe that Christopher may have had a little crush on Mark in the beginning; however I was already informed by Mark himself that Christopher just wasn't his type. It is very nice though to witness their friendship blossom; something that hadn't quite happened in my presence.

Of course seeing new housemates take my place is rather awkward, but the dynamics need some new players in the mix. Zoe seems like a lovely girl, but with her constructed looks and past of reality TV shows, I find it hard to remove her from the vacuous fame-hungry box of Big Brother clichés. Lets see if she can grow on me. Bianca is simply everything I loathe in a human being; trashy, obnoxious, foul-mouthed and attention-seeking. With that being said, she is everything I love in a housemate and I can't wait to see her make a complete abomination of herself on TV. Pavadeep I expect will fade into insignificance fairly quickly in that house, mainly because the original housemates are too strong and savvy enough to fall for a false persona.

Have the right people been evicted? Yes. Jale treated me very well one on one but in what this series has turned into as a sick game of chess, the dynamics needed to be balanced and it was vital that Ashleigh remained in the house. Marlon was an easy scape-goat for all housemates this week following the green button casualty. For entertainment purposes, it was time a weaker character left as opposed to someone who provides a more polarising opinion.

My Predictions: I believe Pavadeep will be the short-lived newbie to burn out by Friday due to the fact he will be less impressionable amongst the audience who are voting for who they want to stay. If Bianca does remain in the house, I imagine she won't last longer than a week after becoming a permanent resident. With regards to who I think the new housemates might evict I'm stuck on it. Based on my experience of living in the house for one week, Kimberley and Danielle could be easy targets due to the fact that they require a lot more time and effort to understand and get to know. I also have a feeling Ash could be an option for them, given the fact they could have watched the show and have already taken a disliking towards Helen, or by chance are most likely to over the course of the next few days.