08/08/2012 12:35 BST | Updated 08/10/2012 06:12 BST

I Am Maxsta

What's going on world? My name is Maxsta. How do you do? If you don't know who I am - well I make grime music and rap music and anything, you see, I make a hybrid of music. I don't just make one genre. Maxsta is London. I'm signed to SONY RCA. And I'm ready to go.

I am just a normal guy who had written bars before, and then when I was like 15 years old I started to get radio play. That was when I was like - woah - this is serious. I remember going into do my first radio freestyle with Tim Westwood and it was live and I remember thinking "you can't mess this up Max". The minute that mic goes on... you need to focus.

From then on - music became the most important thing. Don't get me wrong, I was good at school, I was on the newspaper editorial team and all that. I was heading for uni. I was also living in East Ham and getting into a bit of trouble and when my music started to get noticed - I had to take myself out of that situation.

So I moved out to Essex and decided that music was what I was going to do. That was when it was conscious decision to put my head down, get on and start working hard. I wanted to achieve.

I've been bubbling under the radar for a few years and I've put out tracks in the last couple years such as East London is Back which all helped as a platform to get me to where I am now. This track was a bit of an anthem to try and mix things up and create some noise... and off the back off that I dropped my first mixtape The Maxtape which I was lucky enough to have some strong features on and it got received well. I think at that point thats when people knew I was serious.

I like to think I am offering the scene something different. I know I am talented to a certain extent - but I am quietly confident because I have practised loads - I have spent time in the studio writing, perfecting my craft as it were. Overnight successes don't happen, success only happens when are prepared to put 100% in and be really tough on yourself. You have to quality control yourself, and also try and balance it out so you don't over expose yourself.

If I ever thought I was becoming bland and not as exciting I would just bail for a week or two - take myself away and get back into the right headspace.

I'm fully aware that there are a lot of eyeballs on me at the moment as my new single I Wanna Rock Right Now has been doing alright... we have been going full throttle with it and I've been getting good feedback.The comments on Youtube have been good - believe me when I say I read all of those. Being almost the new kid on the scene I know that I will get comparisons to my peers and I'm ready for that. My heroes are people like Big L, Eminem and Dizzee and they have had a lot of influence in my music.

If you are wondering what the sample is in the track, I've used the Rob Base and DJ E-Z Rock sample (from the It Takes Twotune). It's catchy man and I caught myself singing along to it when it came on in a cab I was in the other day. I was a bit like - whoa - that's me on the radio. Maxsta on the radio. But then I'm just Maxsta, the normal kid who had been spitting bars since I was young.

So...thats's me. Keep close to my story if you want to see what happens next. Follow me on @itsmaxsta and I'll make sure you know what's happening.