Idris, Eddie and Lennie - and Other UK Actors Making it Big in Hollywood

It's no secret that here in the UK we have a whole host of talented individuals, from superstar footballers to incredible actors, and more - and more - of them are heading overseas to find more fame in the bright lights of Hollywood and beyond.

It's no secret that here in the UK we have a whole host of talented individuals, from superstar footballers to incredible actors, and more - and more - of them are heading overseas to find more fame in the bright lights of Hollywood and beyond.

These celebrities are taking home awards at the big shows, created by their US hosts, they're snapping up leading roles in huge films and TV shows and are definitely making a name for themselves but which UK residents have really made it big, over in the States?

Idris Elba

The British Luther actor has found fame in the US, taking on roles in blockbusters such as Marvel's Thor movies, Prometheus, Pacific Rim and hit show The Wire. Idris reckons he is recognised more often when out and about in the US, than he is when back home in London, which just goes to show how big he has become over in the States. Beside filming and living the high life, Idris is also dipping his toe in the world of fashion, recently designing a new range for Superdry, which is due to be released Winter 2015.

Andrew Lincoln

Well known for his lead role in AMC's hit zombie themed show The Walking Dead, Andrew Lincoln actually found fame back home in the UK, in British TV show Egg and later in the much loved rom-com Love Actually as the lovesick Mark, who is secretly besotted with his best friend's wife - which of course leads to the iconic cue card scene. While Lincoln was recognised as a great actor before The Walking Dead, it is this show that has definitely put him on the map, with many people over in the US not even realising he's British, due to his convincing Southern accent.

Lennie James

When Lennie James also turned up in the first season of The Walking Dead many might have quoted Snatch and recalled that infamous scene with Vinnie Jones's monologue about male private parts. James actually found his place in the US acting scene when he went over to star in post apocalyptic TV show Jericho, as the mysterious Robert Hawkins.

The British actor does a convincing American accent but actually hails from Nottingham and has lived in London. However, he's since swapped the grey winters of the UK for warmer ones in L.A where he now lives with his partner and their three daughters.

Eddie Redmayne

It's no secret that Harry Potter is hugely popular over in the US, and if Eddie Redmayne wasn't already a well loved actor in America the film he's currently working on - Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them - will definitely thrown him into the spotlight. Redmayne began his acting career mainly in theatre productions and enjoyed his first true mainstream Hollywood movie role alongside the likes of Hugh Jackman and Anne Hathaway in the film production of Les Miserables.

His portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory of Everything won him an Academy Award and a Golden Globe for Best Actor, as well as a Screen Actor's Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role and a BAFTA for Best Actor, cementing his status as a star over in Hollywood.

Emma Watson

Also finding fame in the Harry Potter film franchise, as the bushy haired and highly intelligent Hermione Granger, Emma Watson has gone on to star in more films since, including The Bling Ring which saw her adopt an American accent for her role as Nicki. Emma Watson has also become a strong voice for feminism and young girls around the world as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador, which has maximised her popularity in the US. Her modelling and partnerships with huge fashion brands Burberry and Lancôme, as well as being the youngest star to feature on the cover of Teen Vogue, sees Watson celebrated by not only movie buffs in the US but also by fans around the world.

James Corden

From his early days on hit comedy show Gavin & Stacey, Corden has quickly climbed the ranks of stardom and hit the jackpot over in the States, when he landed the role of hosting The Late Late Show. He's also played a lead part in Disney flick Into the Woods alongside Meryl Streep and Emily Blunt, solidifying his celebrity status in the US and while he may not have been a universal choice at first for The Late Late show, considering he was pretty unknown in America before taking on the role, he is now popular with celebs and those watching alike - probably due to sketches like this one with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Emily Blunt

Recently revealed to be starring as the Ice Queen in the new Snow White and the Huntsman spin off, Emily Blunt is an actress who has been in plenty of films but is only now receiving the recognition she deserves over in the US. Blunt actually has dual citizenship, in both Britain and the US, due to her marriage to The Office's John Krasinski.

Blunt was first recognised for her talent after her role as Emily Chalton in The Devil Wears Prada for which she was nominated for an award for Best Supporting Actress. She has since gone on to star in action films Looper, Sicario, The Adjustment Bureau and Edge of Tomorrow - for which she also won a BFCA Critic's Choice Award for Best Actress.

Christian Bale

One of the biggest actors in Hollywood is surprisingly not originally from the US, but was actually born in Wales and grew up in England. Christian Bale was first recognised as a true talent for his performance in Steven Spielberg's Empire of the Sun when he was just 12 years old, though he didn't initially cope well with the concept of fame and was unsure of his career path as an actor.

However, fast forward two years and Bale was starring in Kenneth Branaugh's Henry the V and well on the way to stardom. He has now lived in the US for such a long time his accent changes from interview to interview, sometimes sounding strongly British and at other times featuring more of an American twang (sadly he doesn't talk like Batman on a day to day basis). With 14 awards under his belt, including an Academy Award and a Golden Globe, Bale has definitely 'made it' in the US.

David and Victoria Beckham

The Beckhams left fair England back in 2007, when David signed a contract with the Los Angeles Galaxy soccer team, after a four-year stint at Real Madrid and the family settled in the States pretty well. Victoria's fashion ranges first debuted a year after their move in 2008 and have gone on to become highly popular among American celebrities. She has since showcased her designs at several New York Fashion Weeks.

The pair are usually seen at high profile and charity events in the States, even after moving back to the UK in 2013 following David's retirement from football May that year. The Beckhams' time in the US was time well spent, it boosted both their careers and profiles and allowed them to meet a whole new host of celeb friends.

Hugh Laurie

Born and raised in Oxford in the UK, and well known by those in Britain from his Blackadder days with Rowan Atkinson, no one expected Hugh Laurie would go on to play the formidable Dr. House, a role which has solidified his celebrity status over in the States.

While filming for the show Hugh and his wife actually lived apart for eight years, as she stayed behind in the UK so as not to uproot the couple's three children. Hugh was also considered to be the highest paid TV actor with the 2012 Guinness World Records listing his salary as a huge $700,000 per episode of House. Jim Parsons (Sheldon from Big Bang Theory) now holds the title - but it's still safe to say Laurie was pretty popular in the USA!


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