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14 Fabulous Places To Go In Berlin

We went to Berlin on a trip as a couple rather than as a family, and we loved venturing out in this wonderful capital, discovering it's wonders... check out these 14 Fabulous Places not to miss when you're next in Berlin.

So many places in Europe are filled with historical landmarks, famous museums, culture, five-star dining and an abundance of activities to keep a visitor busy, and Berlin in Germany is a hotbed for it all.

Berlin had it's defining moments in history, most of which are landmarked throughout the city, but today it is home an elite collection of universities, museums, entertainment venues and is host to epic sporting events.

We went to Berlin on a trip as a couple rather than as a family, and we loved venturing out in this wonderful capital, discovering it's wonders... check out these 14 Fabulous Places not to miss when you're next in Berlin.

Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

Originally built in the 1890s, but heavily damaged by a bombing raid in WW2, the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church now consists of a church with an attached foyer, a belfry and a chapel. The church is a popular site among locals and tourists alike and it may have been damaged but it is arguably one of the most beautiful buildings in Berlin, inside and out.

Potsdamer Platz

Considered the old heart of Berlin, Potsdamer Platz serves as a junction between the old city centre of East Berlin and formerly known as the new West Berlin. It lays directly in front of the former customs and excise wall of Berlin. A rebuild of the city district is now an architectural wonderment, and the dense buildings and unique outdoor sculptures are grand to see.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

Near the Brandenburg Gate (which you also must go and see, it is an incredible monument) is the memorial that can be walked through from all sides, and serves as a central place for remembrance and a reminder for people of the Holocaust, one of the horrific eras of history. The memorial is a grid-like structure, and can be perceived in a different manner depending on where you stand. It is a fantastic monument, very powerful to walk through and amazing to look at from above.

Checkpoint Charlie

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

Get ready to step into your favourite spy movie, or learn about another famous landmark. Whether you know Checkpoint Charlie from James Bond's "Octopussy" or you are aware of the Allied soldiers that crossed through to East Berlin, this famous guardhouse and border crossing is sure to have your mind thirsty for more information about Berlin history, it sure did that for us and we spent a good couple of hours engrossed in the history and the stories.

Brandenburg Gate

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

Known as Berlin's most famous monument, the Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of Berlin and German division during the Cold War, but now it is a representation of peace and unity. The gate was popular for people to climb and take a glimpse into the other side of the "death-strip" that separated East from West Berlin--both politically and geographically. And then in 1989, Brandenburg Gate became a symbol of unity and opened to allow over 100,000 people through to celebrate.

Pergamon Museum

This is a museum that houses more museums. The Pergamon Museum, an impressive piece of architecture, houses three museums: The Middle Eastern Museum, The Collection of Classical Antiquities and The Museum of Islamic Art. It boasts grand reconstructions of archaeological buildings such as the Pergamon Alter of Zeus and the Processional Way of Babylon.


Image credit: Mette Poynton.

Get ready to go up, waaaaay up! Step into the fastest lift in Europe and get whisked up 24 floors in only 20 seconds to the top of Panoramapunkt. At the top? Stunning views the Berlin and an open-air exhibition that informs visitors about the site and its many transformations throughout the years. Grab a snack at the café and head to the 25th floor terrace! It was a bit of a wait for the lift, but well worth the wait!


Also known as the White Lake, Weissensee is a centre fountain and lake surrounded by a park of meadows and natural beauty. You can relax under a palm tree along the beach, have a swim, fire up the BBQ and enjoy a dance in the field. Weissensee is a combination of the inner city beach with a bar, restaurants and deck chairs. White Lake is a super place for all ages - we walked through here especially wishing we'd had the kids with us, they would have loved it.

Berlinische Gallerie

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

Berlinische Gallerie Museum of Modern Art, Photography and Architecture is one of the newest museums in Berlin, yet collects works dating back from 1870. Collections include fine art, paintings, photography, multimedia, sculpture and more. And all of these masterpieces in a 4,600 square feet magnificent space. It's an incredible place for art lovers, don't miss it!


Originally the leading department store in Berlin, KaDeWe today is still home to a variety of products, but also is gaining credibility for its luxury services. KaDeWe caters to a wide range of needs with wedding and gift services, luxurious beauty rooms and lounges, a tailor, hairdressers, buggy rentals, and even a hotel. You can even catch an exclusive party on the roof of KaDeWe where Berlin's elite like to play (this we were just told, we were not invited to one.. odd, that!). Make sure to check out the KaDeWe ritual that takes place every day shortly before 10am when the iron gate is lowered.

Die Berliner Republik

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

What's Berlin without the food and drink? Still lovely but good food and drink just makes it that more special. Die Berliner Republik is a genuine German pub that has on tap 18 different beers and delicious traditional "Berlinerish" pub dishes. After 6pm, the pub opens up their very own beer market where regular beer prices are forgotten and new prices are regulated by good ol' supply and demand! A unique dining and drinking experience but what makes this place, is the decor, the history on the walls, the pictures that all create a very special atmosphere.

Two Amazing Markets

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

There are loads of great markets in Berlin and like any great market anywhere in the World, they bring out the best of the local food and entertainment alongside bargains, antiques and marketplace deals. Our favourite one was the Kiez99 Village Market on Revaler Strasse 99 - an incredible market! Another one worth mentioning if you're in Berlin from late November until Christmas is the Gendarmenmarkt- THE most amazing Christmas market we've ever been to, anywhere!

Beer and Bratwurst

Image credit: Mette Poynton.

You simply cannot visit Germany without indulging in some local bratwurst. You can enjoy that sausage delight all over the country, of course, we went to Bier's Kudamm 195 in Berlin for beer and bratwurst.. and it was GOOOOD!

We will most definitely go back to Berlin, we absolutely loved it. It has warmth, excitement, history and culture, all rolled into one beautiful package. Next time we go, we'll bring the kids, they will love it too, for sure!