Seven Super Places to Go in Copenhagen

If you have yet to visit Copenhagen, the beautiful capital of Denmark, you are in for a treat... do get yourself booked in for a trip to this wonderful city in the country where the happiest people in the world live, you will love it.

If you have yet to visit Copenhagen, the beautiful capital of Denmark, you are in for a treat... do get yourself booked in for a trip to this wonderful city in the country where the happiest people in the world live, you will love it.

Copenhagen was founded as a fishing village in the 10th century, but is now a strong urban and culturally developed city, the largest in Denmark. Laced with history over the years, this capital city is full of landmarks and museums with stories to tell, culture that brings out your inner creative and artistic sides, delicious food that tantalizes your taste buds, and local residents that make you feel comfortable and welcome to such an incredible place. Among the defined infrastructure, city- and sea views, beaches and other tourist hotspots, these are seven must-sees:

1. The Experimentarium

For a super fun day in Copenhagen with kids at any age, The Experimentarium is a must. The Experimentarium is an interactive centre for science, one that allows children and adults to learn about the body, the mind, inventions, everyday life objects and much more.

If you would like to know what we look like on the inside when riding a bicycle, what a pig's brain feels like to touch, what it's like to run in a hamster-wheel, how fast your blood runs through your veins, what it's like to have your brain scanned and thousands of other things scientific, don't miss The Experimentarium.

Currently The Experimentatium is housed in the centre of Copenhagen on "Paper Island" (so named for being a little island by the Copenhagen Harbour and once being home to the warehouse where the paper for the Danish newspapers was stored) while the main location in Hellerup, just outside the centre of the capital, is being restored following a fire.

2. Copenhagen Street Food

It's all the rage right now, food trucks and food stalls... and Copenhagen Street Food, which is also located in what was once a large newspaper warehouse on "Paper Island", offers the very best of the best in both ventures.

Nearly 30 food truck/stall options to choose from, international menus including Italian, French, Asian, and don't forget to leave that little corner for some sweet desserts. Book a table and enjoy a casual evening out while feeling like you have stepped into a multicultural arena... come back again and again, you're going to want to taste IT ALL!

When we went, we had a sweet tooth and were bowled over by the delicious offerings in the Pancake Cottage. We had The Eton Mess and The Apple Crumble Pancakes... let me tell you this for nothing, those pancakes were worth coming to Copenhagen for even if we had seen nothing else!

3. Alternative Christiania

Imagine a place without cars, environmentally green, with a unique set of rules and norms, and a place where everyone is welcome. This place is real, established in 1971 by a group of hippies in Copenhagen. It is 'Freetown Christiania', a neighbourhood in Copenhagen that boast home-made houses, art galleries, music venues, eateries, workshops and, most importantly, stunning nature.

Note: Although the neighbourhood is safe, it is advised not to film or photograph in Christiania, particularly in or around Pusher Street, due to hash dealing which is illegal in Denmark but goes on in Christiania, almost as a sort of unspoken agreement between authorities, visitors and residents.

4. Nyhavn

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You have seen the picture of Nyhavn for sure. The pretty, tall houses in different colours, overlooking the canal in Copehagen. These are houses are hotels and restaurants, all with outside seating, and there is a variety of cuisines to choose from, something for every palate. So whether you're in the mood for seafood, centric menus, Nordic dishes or Danish delicacies, Nyhavn is the place to go.

Nyhavn is no stranger to public houses or merriment, it has always had a history of providing good times to all that walk through its streets. Moderate prices and tasteful décor.

5. Copenhagen Fairy Tales

No, there is no dressing up in gowns or going to the ball, BUT there are bicycle- and walking tours that take you into the authenticity of Copenhagen, home of the Godfather of fairy tales, Hans Christian Andersen, and all its beauty.

Copenhagen Fairy Tales offers private and public bike, walking, and food tours that adhere to the environmentally friendly and healthy lifestyle of the city and its residents. No matter what tour you choose, you are sure to see Copenhagen in a different and magical way.

6. Tycho Brahe Planetarium

Stars, planets, constellations and the vast unknown that is our universe, at Tycho Brahe Planetarium visitors have the opportunity to learn and gain knowledge of astronomy and space. Discover the mysteries of space in a permanent exhibition named, The Active Universe, and here your questions will be answered.

Enjoy IMAX movies and a live-action experience in the planetarium's massive dome-shaped theatre... when we went, we saw the amazing cinematic experience, "The Wild America", about the incredible national parks in the US. It was mind-blowing and it kept us all at the edge of our seats, even the little ones in the party, three 7-year-olds!

7. Tivoli

All the entertainment you need in one place! Tivoli is home to a theatre with live productions and dance presentations, a concert hall that booms beautiful music, a selection of the biggest restaurants, rides and games for the entire family - even a Ferris wheel - and lush gardens that invite all to walk through its wonder.

TIVOLI really deserves it's very own article, as there's just so much to experience you could spend several days there.. I better get on with that, then!

There's no question that Copenhagen offers eclectic options for all tourists that visit the city. You can take a trip around the world, even explore our universe, have some amazing culinary experiences, learn about the history and the stories that make up the charmed city of Copenhagen.