04/03/2014 04:06 GMT | Updated 03/05/2014 06:59 BST

Women Don't Mess About When It Comes to Ending a Relationship

Women, it seems, are much quicker at making decision as to whether they should end a relationship. And they don't want to waste time deciding on when to do it - they think the sooner the better.

An unhappy relationship or marriage should be ended quickly rather than it being dragged out over months. It seems that women want to move on quicker than men when it comes to recovering from a failed match.

This is according to a new survey for the website which is for people who find themselves in a new found "single" situation.

The findings are based on research carried out with 500 unmarried couples in both short and longer-term partnerships.

They were asked how they would react if their current relationship went sour, or if either party fell out of love or lust.

It found that women take just six days to decide to break up with their other halves while men drag the decision out for more than a month.

Men spend two thirds of that time agonising over the decision; they talk about it constantly with other men and they can never find a way of doing it diplomatically.

Then takes them at least 10 more days to build up the courage to break the bad news to their partner, according to the latest research.

One in six men said they wouldn't mind staying in an unhappy relationship for six months if there was a ray of sunshine on the horizon. However, all the women agreed that they want to move on, and that life is too short to be in an unfulfilled relationship.

Interesting enough, most of the women in the survey said that they would take just six days to end a relationship.

One of the things that emerged from the survey that I thought was positive, was that both men and women believed a tactful, face-to-face conversation is best for dumping - however painful it can be.

I think this is better than writing a letter or sending someone a text to say the relationship is over - which I imagine, happens quite often.

Munir Bello, who founded the website, said: "It could be that men are generally less proactive than women, and that they lack the confidence to put a break-up plan - painless or otherwise - into action.

"Or it could be that men are born romantics who want nothing more than to stay with their sweethearts forever. Either way, women appear to be more adept at going from unhappy to untroubled in relationship terms."