Bringing Them In

17/05/2012 14:23 BST | Updated 16/07/2012 10:12 BST

Since my last blog several correspondents have asked what the world of opera does to introduce more people to the art form. I can't speak for other companies but Opera Holland Park does as much as it can with a wide selection of partners. I link a few videos below which give a small sample of what we do. Our free ticket scheme for young people was featured in a short film that followed several youngsters on their first visit to the opera. It speaks for itself. Fantastic Mr Fox, our family opera, is about to have its third run in succession and one of the links gives an insight into the production the ideas behind our doing it and a few nice shots of a rare thing; kids running to opera! The third clip is a film of our "flashmob" at the Tesco in Earl's Court, a project we undertook as part of the Earl's Court Festival.