05/07/2013 07:34 BST | Updated 03/09/2013 06:12 BST

Katie Hopkins Views on 'This Morning' Belong in a Time Before Television

Never have I witnessed such a bigoted and venomous attitude from someone as I have of Katie Hopkins today.

All over my newsfeed people are sharing the video of her on 'This Morning' saying that she won't allow her children to have playmates if their names are 'working class' such as Tyler and Charmaine. Kids with names after geographical locations such as Brooklyn are far too likely to be disruptive to have the pleasure of spending time with her little darlings. Interesting that her own little girl is called India.

If Hopkins had her own way we would revert back to the Victorian era where no-one is allowed to mingle outside of their own class. God forbid one of her own kids married someone from a poorer background!

After spending a good few hours reading her articles and watching her videos, which I will admit are addictive, I can't contemplate how someone can claim to be so successful and so educated yet be so blatantly ignorant. Success is measured in different ways by different people, but surely being happy and healthy is more important than material wealth and having no time to spend with the people she claims to love. She has a parade of staff, including five nannies, to carry out the 'tedious' jobs of attending sports days for her so she can focus on getting to the top. Her reasoning is that men don't feel guilty about focusing on their work so why should she. Maybe they don't, but I'm sure a lot of fathers are totally besotted with their children and would spend every breathing moment with them if they had the chance.

In one of her past interviews on This Morning she acknowledges that she would never employ someone that was overweight or obese. In it she refuses to acknowledge that one woman who isn't being employed for this reason is literally unable to lose weight because of a condition known as polycystic ovaries. Substantial weight gain when diet hasn't changed is a common side effect and losing weight is nearby impossible. Instead she says the other lady has no discipline and she should lose weight in order to appeal to potential employers.

She slams tattoos and spits out how Katie Waissel must regret the tattoo on her wedding finger due to her marriage being in difficulty. She is disgusted at the thought of how a personal anecdote to Waissel's grandfather being a pin-up girl tattooed on her arm can be out of respect for him.

Hopkins doesn't respect her husband, in those exact words. An entire article of hers tells of how she despises his ear piercing and cockney accent. In all honesty, I have the most upmost respect for someone who is in a committed relationship with someone as hateful and so resilient to other opinions as Katie Hopkins is.

Whether you are a five year old at primary school or a substantially qualified 40 year old, it seems that if you aren't slim, middle class and free from body art, Katie Hopkins doesn't want to even look at you let alone spend time with you at home or in the workplace.