Stand Together With The People Of London On Saturday Night

09/06/2017 16:02 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 16:02 BST
Toby Melville / Reuters

As I prepared to travel to Manchester last Saturday, I was full of hope. In the face of the horrific attack at the Manchester Arena, the best of humanity was shining through.

From the British Red Cross volunteers who helped comfort people in the aftermath, to the taxi drivers who gave stranded people free rides home, these little acts of kindness lifted me.

And now, I was getting ready to join people from across Manchester, the UK and even the world, for a mass show of solidarity at the One Love Manchester benefit concert.

Then the news from London reached me. Just twelve days on from the attack in Manchester, people enjoying a night out in the capital had been similarly targeted.

No one should go out for a night with friends and not come back. The attack on London Bridge and nearby Borough Market was an attack on the spirit of London.

Suddenly, the concert in Manchester felt even more significant. More than ever, we needed to unite and come together.

In keeping with the Red Cross principles of humanity, unity and neutrality, the British Red Cross is committed to doing all it can to help those affected by these recent attacks and bring people together.

This is why we are encouraging people to join us for a 'Saturday Night for London' this weekend.

Get involved to raise funds

A Saturday Night for London is an opportunity for people to pay tribute and raise funds for those affected in last week's attacks.

Organised by the Red Cross and backed by Borough Market and a host of businesses across the city, people will be able to get involved through three main activities: Dish for London, Cheers for London and Ride for London.

As part of Dish for London, restaurants - including those in the area of the attacks and the chain Eat - will be donating money from a chosen dish.

Cheers for London will see cafes, pubs and bars, including all 120 Greene King Pubs in the capital, asking patrons to donate the cost of their drink.

And as part of Ride for London, Uber is giving a pound for every journey taken on Saturday night.

For those planning a night in instead, Deliveroo will make a £1 donation for every single order placed across the city from 6pm onwards.

How your money helps

The money raised through this night of activity will go to the UK Solidarity Fund, launched by the British Red Cross in response to the recent attacks.

The fund will support people who have been injured, bereaved or traumatised by terror attacks in the UK, helping to alleviate immediate suffering and ensure that victims and their families do not face short-term financial difficulties.

People may have medical expenses to cover, they may be out of work through injuries sustained, or families may have funeral costs to cover. Financial support cannot heal wounds or the grief felt by so many, but it will make a difference.

With a separate fund successfully raising money for the victims of the Manchester attack, donations to the UK Solidarity Fund will help victims of terror attacks anywhere in the UK, in the first instance those affected by the London Bridge attack.

More than fundraising

Raising vital funds for victims of terror is important, but this night is also about reclaiming the tragic end to last Saturday.

I hope it will help to bring some solace and send a reminder to those who seek to divide us that the power of humanity only grows stronger when threatened.

The British Red Cross is proud to be part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement that seeks to protect humanity by supporting people in crises, whoever and wherever they are.

This weekend, we do that by standing together with the people of London. Join us.

Help victims of terror attacks in the UK. Support the UK Solidarity Fund. Text UNITY to 70607 to give £10 or donate online at

• Texts cost £10 plus one standard rate message. The British Red Cross receives 100%. Full terms and conditions.