11/03/2014 07:21 GMT | Updated 10/05/2014 06:59 BST

An Affair: A Smart Move?

You may think that starting an affair behind your partner's back would be a stupid thing to do - but recent research tells us that four out of five women seeking an affair on the internet fall into the ABC1 socio-economic groups.

These ladies are classified as Alpha Females: high achieving successful career driven women who hit the gym at 7am, smash their deadlines at work, then get home in time to spend the evening with their husband's before checking their emails one last time. They do it all, and want more. The more savvy and smart the individual, the more they naturally need in order to continue to excel and keep themselves motivated. More pressure, excitement, and challenge - they thrive from it and wither without it.

The UK's leading dating website for married people, Illicit Encounters, are celebrating their 10th year in the business where the active female members on the site are close to eclipsing the number of active men. Traditional roles within relationships are vastly different today as women are more empowered, independent, and just as ready to take on the world as men - they are equally looking to have their personal desires exceeded and will look for an affair online just like their male counter parts. Both the men and women on the site are predominantly 'ABC1', high flying, well travelled, successful people, and they know they can find a stimulating match both mentally and physically with us. Highly smart, successful people often lose interest in the their spouse as the years roll on and things become routine, they naturally seek new stimulation, a thrilling high or sometimes just a fresh mental connection.

Power is another aphrodisiac that attracts successful people like a moth to the flame. World leaders, Olympic Athletes, and A list Actors all have pools of infidelity connected to their names, proving that high achievers have a harder time staying faithful. While nearly all would say they married for love, security, and to have a constant companion to share their lives with - these people still need more from another source. Maybe those more on their intellectual playing field who challenge and surprise them, are not the right choice to marry. These people want it all, and believe they can have it.

The sexual make-up of both male and female ambitious individuals is also part of the fabric to seeking more sexual satisfaction outside of their relationship. They are wise enough to know that they don't want to risk losing their trusted and needed spouse, but they also can't control their itch to satisfy themselves physically. Like all highly successful people, they push the boundaries and think outside the box. They intentionally place themselves in dangerous situations in order to essentially - get a kick and a of sense achievement from their thrill of choice. Many of our members are also actively into extreme sports, one could almost say an affair is an extreme sport itself as the risks are incredibly high. However, they are not stupid enough to start an affair with a colleague or a neighbour, they go to a dating site knowing they have utter privacy and no connection with their day to day reality - it's a smart move.