17/04/2014 07:04 BST | Updated 16/06/2014 06:59 BST

The Infidelity Index

Well they say, 'it's always the quiet ones,' and it seems this is also the case when it comes to cheating towns - yes, the most philandering postcodes of the UK have been revealed via the 'Infidelity Index'. Seemingly harmless suburbs such as Bracknell and Farnborough are apparently a hotbed for extramarital affairs, while the UK's capital or larger cities are nowhere to be seen on the top ten list. Who would have thought that Maidenhead, yes Maidenhead, would play host to the most adulteress town in the UK? Certainly not me. Berkshire is a very affluent area, as is Farnborough and one can only think that the monotony of middle England life has got these residents desperate for some cheeky excitement outside of the mock Tudor gated family home.

This report compiled by Illicit Encounters has everyone in a spin with shouts of, 'No way - Gravesend?!' It is pretty shocking, but oh-so tempting to type in your postcode and see exactly how many people are having affairs in your neighbourhood. It also confirms the undeniable fact that people we see on a daily basis - our colleagues, neighbours and friends are having affairs. Well respected nice normal people in their thousands are looking for or having an affair: do they have green scales, red eyes or breathe fire? Sadly not, wouldn't that be fun? They are just like you and I, regular people looking for whatever they are missing at home.

Plus, with Britain's highest number of millionaires living outside London just off the M4, and only 50 minutes into central London, is it really surprising that Maidenhead and the prosperous, commuter-belt is affair central?

And if you're worried about your partner playing away then head for the coast - Bournemouth to be precise, as this is the most faithful town according to the index. It is often the case that couples head to the coast in order to focus on their relationship, leaving the temptation of the buzzing commute into the city behind, along with any would be flings, swim anyone?

Top Ten UK towns for affairs

1. Maidenhead, Berkshire: 1,316 affairs out of a population of 63,580 (2.07%)

2. Livingston, West Lothian: 1,080 affairs out of a population of 56,269 (1.92%)

3. Farnborough, Hampshire: 1,008 affairs out of a population of 65,034 (1.55%)

4. Loughborough, Leicestershire: 877 affairs out of a population of 59,932 (1.48%)

5. Bracknell, Berkshire: 1,128 affairs out of a population of 77,256 (1.46%)

6. Gravesend, Kent: 784 affairs out of a population of 55,467 (1.41%)

7. Beeston, Nottinghamshire: 702 affairs out of a population of 51,479 (1.36%)

8. Aldershot, Hampshire: 776 affairs out of a population of 57,211 (1.35%)

9. Gosport, Hampshire: 960 affairs out of a population of 71,529 (1.34%)

10. Taunton, Somerset: 802 affairs out of a population of 60,479 (1.33%)