12/02/2013 12:21 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 12:22 GMT

Valentine's Day Is a Relationships Early Warning System

As Valentine's Day fast approaches dating sites are gearing up for the annual boom in sign-ups that occurs once a year directly after the fateful day of 14 February.

My experiences have shown that this is generally caused by the guys who decide to lazily arrive home late and clutching a handful of half dead petrol station flowers. They then find themselves, unsurprisingly newly single on the 15th, so along with their former partners decide head online to search for a new suitor.

However in a marriage or a long term relationship it is not always as easy to just up and leave a relationship, there are usually other factors that mean you stay in the relationship and end up overlooking the fact you are missing out on the romance of Valentine's day.

The important thing is to remember if you are in this situation or this year find yourself in this situation you are not alone. Over the last 10 years there has been a boom in online married dating industry with hundreds of thousands of members all feeling neglected and taken for granted by their husbands or wives.

I have also seen a shift in the way people view relationships, for example, the members of sites such as Illicit Encounters are not sheepish or submissive they know what they are missing and are prepared to take action to find it. One member 'Joshua' even wrote into their letters page to say that he is "not going to allow this year's Valentine's Day be another miserable reminder of what is and what once was"

He like many new arrivals into the married dating world are part of a pre-emptive boost of new members joining. Not willing to wait to be let down on Valentine's day like every other year but are proactively seeking a romantic date with another neglected spouse.

The thing to remember is that Valentine's day is an early warning system for relationships, if you feel you could be neglecting your other half don't expect them to accept it. Heed this warning and make a change before they join-up with the 5% of the UK's married population that is all ready registered on a married dating site, to look for the romance and affection that they are not getting at home.