15/04/2014 08:34 BST | Updated 14/06/2014 06:59 BST

On the Streets: Street Art With Phlegm, Jaz, Pixel Pancho, RONE, Borondo

This week's 'On the Streets' tries to capture the fine balance between painted fantasy and reality that appears on the city walls. Leading off this short but sweet review is Phlegm with his newest massive piece in Perth. Part of FORM project 'Art in the City', the mural is a stunning example of creativity at large.


Other notable walls come from JAZ and Pixel Pancho for FORM, Jade in Lima, Borondo and RONE in London and Seth Globepainter and Kislow in Kiev.

Building creativity in public spaces is quite an ambitious aim, but non-for-profit organisation FORM in Perth seems to be handling this task quite well. Below are two evident examples to illustrate how great art can flourish and thrive in urban environment.


After a short London visit, Argentinian artist JAZ (Franco Fasoli) took off to sunny Perth to take part in FORM public art project. Well-known for his complex, inspired by Argentine culture style, JAZ does not disappoint and delivers this mighty mural which resembles delicate watercolour painting. Image via the artist.


Italian Pixel Pancho's addition to FORM is this giant robot, a symbolic representation of the artist main concept and believe that we have to discover and constantly create to feel better.

The work- in -progress shot below reveals Pixel's masterful painterly touch. Images via the artist.


This little double portrait piece was a sort of a 'warm-up' before the completion of Pancho's bigger wall. We really like the romantic nostalgic feeling those rusty robotic faces are imprinted with.


Peruvian JADE transforms the ordinary into fantasy. This little 'house decoration' as the artist calls it transports us to one carefree, almost too-good-to-exist reality... Image via the artist.


It has been a while since Borondo last glass- scratching piece (covered here) and this new one, done in an afternoon, is a sheer delight. We like how Borondo re-appropriates the empty/closed shop spaces and turns them into art, pointing the attention to the aftermath of economic recession.


Close-up shot of the piece.


Progress shot. All images are via StreetArtNews.


From the intensity of Borondo's 'Scratching' work, we move on to RONE's deep and beautiful ones. The artist is in town for his first UK solo show, and quickly delivered those two beauts.

If you happen to be in London, do not miss the opportunity to see them in person, they are both a treat...


Image by Andy Vazy.


Our review ends with this Seth Globepainter and Kislow

wall in Kiev, Ukraine. While this might not be their first collaborative piece, we think it might be the best so far. The mural is almost finished, but it is stunning even at this stage and we felt we needed to share it with you. Image via Urban Street Art.