10/04/2014 14:51 BST | Updated 09/06/2014 06:59 BST

The Faces On The Streets - David de la Mano, Aryz, Space Invader, Rone, Thierry Noir, Vhils

This week's On the Streets is focused on the faces painted on the city walls, that we see but don't always look at. Having a portrait is usually something very emotional and personal, and all the works included below carry this 'inside-out' revealing intimate feeling... See for yourselves.

David de la Mano's latest piece for Memorie Urbane Street Art Festival in Gaeta, Italy, leads off the review. The work features hundreds of black silhouettes, all positioned in a giant circle.


Check below for more detailed shots of the mural.





The finished David de la Mano's piece. All images are through Flavia Fiengo.


Other noable walls come from Thierry Noir in London, Aryz in Linz, Austria, Rone in Melbourne, Space Invader in Paris, Vhils in Seixal, Portugal, Jade in Lima and BLU in Niscemi, Italy.

Renowned artist Thierry Noir is in London for his retrospective show and left a few signature pieces on the streets already (see here). Thierry's characters are unique. They are part of the artist's own visual language and strike with their highly stylized shapes and bright popping colours, constantly capturing attention and provoking conversations.


Image via G.Gibbens.

It has been a while since Aryz's last outdoor work, but this new mural named 'Overprotected' in Linz has worth the wait. The mural features two figures entwined in each other's arms in an almost painful way.


Time-lapse video and progress shots of the wall below. All images through the artist.

ARYZ from Philipp Greindl on Vimeo.



And while Aryz's brilliant but intense mural leaves us overwhelmed with a mixture of feelings, Rone's last wall in Melbourne fills our senses with its calm beauty. The giant portrait of a girl, based on a photograph the artist took of Australian model Teresa Oman, took seven days and more than 70 hours to complete. Image via StreetArtNews.


Rone is currently in London for his first solo show and we will be covering his work on the streets shortly. Stay tuned...

From one iconic look to another - we leave sunny Melbourne to see Space Invader's take on Mona Lisa in Paris. The piece is quite big and impressive we think- definitely worth seeing.


Close-up shot. Images via the artist.


From the playfulness of Mona Lisa to the tribute Vhils pays to one of the greatest Portuguese poets and activists - Jose Alfonso in Seixal, Portugal, portraits carry important messages that we should not ignore.


Another valuable addition to this week's list is Peruvian Jade's latest mural in Lima. The graphic style and colour palette of his Andean heritage are evident in this work along with the delicate signature portrait of his character.



Image via StreetArtNews.

We finish our review with this strong piece by BLU in Niscemi, Italy, depicting an army general playing on a deadly Xylophone, which shoots bullets. And while there is no image of the general's face, the portrait of death and destruction is captured by the artist undoubtedly...