14/12/2016 07:33 GMT | Updated 15/12/2017 05:12 GMT

Ten Tips To Love What You Write

1. To love what you write, you've got to write about what you love! There is absolutely no point writing for the sake of it, since your readers will get that your passion is missing, and they will tune out. If you write about your core topic, interest, expertise or story, you will have plenty of material and it will sound more authentic.

2. Love yourself enough to say no. If the article, blog or book is going to be compromised because you don't have the time, energy, energy or passion to do it properly, postpone it for a time when it will be more convenient and effective.

3. Love your reader. One of the most powerful exercises we do at our workshops and retreats involves not only crafting the descriptive profile of your ideal reader, but cranking up the love for that reader. When you love the reader enough to write your very best stuff in a way that will reach his or her heart, you and the reader will both benefit.

4. Make it fun and exciting. Find ways to spruce up your writing area, make it a challenge or even an act of love and passion, every time you sit down to write. That's definitely more fun than treating your writing like a chore.

5. You don't need to love your first draft, but it helps to love the fact that you were disciplined and professional enough to get a first draft done. Most people never even start writing the book they want to write, much less get to the end of a first draft, so give yourself a big pat on the back, or even a hug.

6. Lovingly go through your draft and make it better. This might involve what we call 'tough love'. It's OK to be critical of your own work, as long as you keep a sense of perspective - find the good as well as the stuff that needs to be improved or enhanced.

7. Involve others. Love is more fun when shared. You can have other people in your success team, such as friends, accountability partners, a good book coach, editors, proofreaders, publishing partners... you are not alone!

8. Focus on the good that your writing can and will do. Even if you think you have only written a little article, that piece of writing could really help someone out there and even change a life. You never know.

9. Love every step. Celebrate each and every milestone that you reach. It's not just about the finish line.

10. Love the feedback. Good, 'bad', indifferent - it will all add to your development as a writer. Sometimes it's hard to accept open criticism, and I certainly would not advise putting up with anything personal or nasty. Be thankful that people are actually reading what you wrote and taking the time to connect.