14/07/2016 12:05 BST | Updated 15/07/2017 06:12 BST

Theresa May and Thoughtful Leadership

What a compelling week it has been for British politics. Following hot on the heels of the surprise Leave vote and Cameron's subsequent resignation, yesterday a new Prime Minister was appointed and this morning a colossal reshuffle of the Cabinet has taken place. It looks as though the UK is headed for full-on revolution with its second female Prime Minister, Theresa May, steadfast at the helm.

May is a seasoned politician, and although she doesn't have the sound business experience of former rival Andrea Leadsom, she has the intelligence to surround herself with clever people who are in touch with the real issues. It is this common sense that I believe will see her make a thoughtful leader.

In light of the isolation the UK has found itself subject to, it is in my opinion that Mrs May needs to look to the whole of the nation and what we can achieve by ourselves, and in this sense, the small business community needs to be involved, not just the large corporates.

It is now time to prove what the British can do for themselves, and it is small businesses led by creative entrepreneurs that will help Britain create a more productive and positive society. Entrepreneurs are the lifeblood of the country, and the future rather than the past.

As a thoughtful leader, the key attributes Theresa May needs to bring out immediately are respect to counteract her boldness, humility to complement her power, and patience to coordinate a fragmented nation. I doubt she is under any illusions about the troubled nation she has taken control of, and is already positioning a largely new team of colleagues as her support network - colleagues she evidently trusts and works well with. And with many radical decisions to be made in the near future, she would do well to choose her support network not just based on how their skills and experience complement her own, but also on how their approach to risk-taking complements her own.

Respect cannot be commanded; it must be earned. This is why a Cabinet of close-knit and trustworthy MPs is so imperative to the success of May's term, and her goal of bringing Britain back to brilliance. A cabinet working towards the same goals, who are led by a respectful and patient PM would be most likely to succeed, and simultaneously earn the respect of the public whose lives they are moulding. Patience, although seemingly counterintuitive in our fast-paced, chaotic society, is precisely the key that will unlock the door to Britain's future.

The referendum came down like a hatchet, catching many people unawares. But the long-term prosperity of the nation demands that its top leader not be too hasty in decisions and actions, but rather inclusive and thoughtful to stabilise the UK and Europe as a whole. May's lengthy experience in politics and daring to shake things up could well lead Britain out of crisis, if she carries on as the thoughtful leader she seems to be.