22/05/2017 02:59 BST | Updated 22/05/2017 07:50 BST

We are Trash

The mere fact that we're hurt by the #MenAreTrash hashtag, reaffirms why we're trash in the first place.

Allan Wesley

Yes, I said it, I do agree that we're trash, I'm trash too, it's not a surprise, we've always been trash, we've always seen ourselves as superior to our sisters, it's nothing new.

Everyday our sisters fall victim, to this patriarchal, evil society we live in, they go to work and they constantly have to prove themselves, they have to keep on ignoring that guy in the office that keeps on making uncomfortable sexual comments all in the name of "flirting", they have to use public transport were they face all sorts of insults, or the scary thought of being followed by some stranger driving behind them, they come home crying to us their men, thinking that we'll protect them, but guess what, neither are they safe with us, because we kill them as well.

It's become emotionally draining, over the past week, scrolling down one's social media feed, and all you see are posts of missing young girls and women of which some have been found dead, it's painful. Seeing conversations of our sisters encouraging each other to take up self defense classes, buying pepper spray and using all means necessary to keep themselves safe, from us, trashy men, is sad.

It's nothing new, these things have been happening, our sisters have been falling victim to our trashy inhumane ways, the only problem is that it's only now that we're beginning to wake up as a country, but why have we allowed it to get this far, for us to wake up, stand up and take decisive action against our own.

I'm trash and I know it, I'm trash because I'm part of this continuous suffering and abuse our sisters face, I'm trash because when we sit ko kasi in our corners, indulging in our trashy conversations where our sisters are mere subjects, I say nothing, I laugh and even contribute my trashy comments to the conversation without calling it out. I'm trash because when I see a fellow sister walking down the street, minding her own business and being bothered by a fellow brother who'll then resort to calling her names, I say nothing and walk past as if nothing happened.

We're trash because we continue using phrases like "boys will be boys", justifying our trashy ways, or how we continue telling our little brothers to "stop acting like a girl" or "men don't cry" which perpetuates this growing crisis we're faced with. How could it be that the people responsible for carrying us for nine months, for bringing us into this world, for caring for us and for always looking out for us, are the ones that have to endure such pain, abuse and brutality, from us.

How can we explain the rape of a young lady by a gang of trashy young men, how can we explain the rape of toddlers and the daily domestic violence our sisters have to face, the only explanation is that we're trash and undeserving of our sisters. As trashy as we are, we should be looking at this growing movement of #MenAreTrash and partaking in serious introspection instead of questioning the movement and coming with the boring, liberal "not all men are trash" slogan, for the mere fact that we're hurt by this hashtag, reaffirms why we're trash in the first place.