25/09/2013 08:50 BST | Updated 24/11/2013 05:12 GMT

Milliband's Pledge of Energy Freeze Turns Up Heat on Tories

Labour leader Ed Miliband has turned up the heat on the Tories after promising a number of significant policy changes if victorious in the next general elections.

Miliband pledged to freeze energy bills and drop the controversial bedroom tax that was introduced by the Conservatives if elected next British Prime minister in 2015, during his speech at the latest annual Labour party conference in Brighton.

The announcement could go a long way in winning votes in the polls and rebuilding Labours recent loss of support and trust amongst UK voters .

The promises will demonstrate a more sympathetic approach towards the millions of households in the UK constantly worried about issues such as the price of their energy bills and child costs while struggling to make ends meet.

According to the Labour leader, the 20 month energy bill freeze will save average households £120 and businesses £1,800 - but cost the energy giants £4.5bn.

While these proposed changes sound promising and raise the stake in the soon to commence battle for the leadership, what will be more exciting is the expected response from Mr Cameron and his party and what changes they will be proposing to entice the publics vote.

One thing is for certain; the Tories will jump on the bandwagon with the energy companies who warned the freeze would lead to power shortages and jeopardise investment and jobs.

Another issue likely to be raised by the opposition is how will the UK financially afford to make these predicted Labour changes?, While boasting and reminding the nation that it was they that kick started the British economy after the former Labour government plunged the country into a financial crisis.

However, while the economy has maybe improved, many Brits have seen no improvements on their costs of living, a topic that could win or lose the next general elections for the political parties contesting against each other in 2015.