15/11/2013 06:41 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

Hezbollah Leader in Message of Defiance


Hezbollah have been accused by the Syrian oppsition and the West of fighting battles for the Assad regime

Photo:Mohamed Soudy

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah launched a defiant message to the west as he pledged to continue his support for the Syrian regime during a rally celebrating a religious festival.

The message, which will surely alert anti-Assad politicians and supporters, was delivered as Shia Muslims were celebrating the holy day of Ashura.

During his usual speech on this holy day,the cleric denounced the "foreign influences causing war on Arab soil" and pleaded for Arab countries to "sort out their domestic affairs internally" without outside western help referring to countries such as Egypt, Libya and in particular the Syrian crisis, As his speech was aired live by by Lebanese television station Al-Manar.

The leader also promised that the Lebanese resistance movement "will stay in the crisis-hit country {Syria} as long as necessary".

Nasrallah has been regularly accused by the Syrian opposition and western nations such as the US, UK and France of launching military attacks on rebel held areas for the Assad regime, in particular the recent battles in Qusayr and Aleppo.


Recent protests in London against UK Military intervention in Syria

Photo:Mohamed Soudy

Hezbollah were also recently added to the EU banned list of terrorist organisation's, a decision influenced due to their alleged role in the two year civil conflict and accusations of being involved in terrorist plots on Israeli citizens in Europe such as the bus bombing in Bulgaria in 2012.

However, the latter claim of the killing of innocent Israeli civilians is an allegation that has been continuously and strongly denied by Hezbollah.

The group's leader also called for unity in the Arab world and for them "not to forget the Palestinian cause and constant daily struggles of occupation".

The latest speech by the cleric would have been a worry for Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and his American and European allies.

The leader had previously warned against the risk of chemical weapons from Syria falling into the hands of Hezbollah.

Israel has also been accused of launching several air strikes to prevent weapons from reaching the group.

Another reason for the prime ministers concern will be the undeniable fact that burdens Israel to this day during their last war with Hezbollah in southern Lebanon in 2006.

Many military experts and critics argued that the war left the mighty military of Israel red faced as they suggested the short war was easily and shockingly won by Hezbollah.