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Kenya Mall Attack Proves Bin Laden's Death Was a Victorious Battle but Still Not a Victorious War

Its clear to see that as long as we continue to intervene in countries and create lawless regions our war on terror will keep on going as we provide the perfect setting for these extreme fascists to spread like a nasty disease

May 2011, the world awakens to the news of the death of Al-Qaeda's leader Osama Bin Laden, the worlds most wanted man and the person that was responsible for the deaths of 3000 innocent civilians in new york on a tragic September morning and many more around the world for decades.

As world leaders addressed their nations citizens on TV screens, radio broadcasts and all kinds of media platforms hailing the death of Bin Laden as a great victory in the war on terror and the massive blow it served to extremists around the globe.

Some politicians and critics even went as far as to suggest that the end of Bin Laden would most likely see the end of Al-Qaeda as an organisation.

While the killing of the Al-Qaeda chief could have been looked as a massive step forward in the International communities war on terror, the work was all undone by taking two steps back in the fight on extremism when the International community intervened in Libya.

Whether or not going in to topple Gaddafi under the illusion we was helping the Libyan people in there quest to find freedom and democracy and it was the right thing to do is not the issue here, but its the way the coalition went about it that is.

The west and in particular the US should know from previous dealings with Al-Qaeda that the organisation can only function in certain atmospheres that are of chaos, lawlessness and anarchy.

This is why the reason in most cases the majority of their support and foot soldiers operate in remote deserts on border towns.

The reason for this is that their ideologies of extreme Islam and brutal and violent way of imposing sharia law is rejected and banned in the majority of Middle Eastern and Muslim countries.

So flooding the streets of Libya with machine guns was not the smartest thing to do in an unstable region that has so many different tribes and religious factions.

While the western coalition hail their impact in Libya, the truth is the country is falling further into anarchy post Colonel Gaddafi.

The new government is struggling to rein in all the weaponry and disarm all the different tribal groups and militias as violence now frequently erupts between factions.

Al-Qaeda has now taken advantage of the situation in Libya and infiltrated,while moving on to the Sahara region of Mali and North Africa with probably the weaponry they were handed during their time in the Libyan civil war.

But this is not the first time the west has provided the settings for the group to carry out their ideologies.

Intervention in Iraq in 2003 also allowed the terrorist organisation to function and flourish in their recruitment process and battle skills as the country descended into chaos after the fall of Saddam Hussein.

The continuous suicide bombings, shootings and death of innocent civilians in modern day Iraq are a reminder of the power of Al-Qaeda presence, participation and incitement of sectarian violence on a daily basis in that region.

While Libya and Iraq are just two examples, the list of nations that we have contributed through intervention to the rise of Al-Qaeda's power goes on.

The continuous attacks in Yemen, Mali, Nigeria, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia and now Syria where it is widely acknowledged that groups such as Jabhat Al Nusra, The Islamic state of Iraq and Syria, amongst many others, are affiliated to Al-Qaeda.

These extreme groups are at the forefront and front line of the civil war in Syria and the same groups who might get their hands on the weapons that the governments of the US, UK and France want to send to the so called more moderate Free Syrian Army (FSA), while twitching their fingers and thumbs to launch an air strike on the Syrian regime.

A move that would surely have the hierarchy's and foot soldiers of Al-Qaeda foaming at the mouth with joy .

Even the latest horrifying terrorist incident in a shopping centre in Nairobi, Kenya was a trail of destruction left by Al-Qaeda.

The Somalian radical group Al-Shabbab claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the organisation has previously linked their ideologies to that of Al-Qaeda.

The proof of this is the nature of the latest attack that is similar to the recent call for jihad by the new leader of Al-Qaeda 62 year old Egyptian Ayman Al Zawahiri.

A week ago the radical leader preached the targeting of Western interests which coincidentally falls into the category of The Westgate Mall has which has several Israeli businesses and is popular with tourists and expatriates.

Its clear to see that as long as we continue to intervene in countries and create lawless regions our war on terror will keep on going as we provide the perfect setting for these extreme fascists to spread like a nasty disease