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McBusted: Why the Supergroup's Comeback All Feels a Little Bit Naughty

As the supergroup came to the end of their set, shooting t shirts into the waiting crowd and thanking their fans for such incredible support there was just one more act of naughtiness for McBusted to pull out of their bag of tricks...

"We're not going to carry on because Busted needs to be remembered the way Busted was."14th January 2005

With those words my 10 year old self was devastated. My favourite band ever. Who I had seen live less than a year before with this cool little band called McFly supporting them, was splitting up. And all because of that idiot with the eyebrows Charlie Simpson. My little sister cried that night, whilst I remained quieter in my grief for the band and took myself off to bed early to have some hugs with my loyal teddy bear Radcliffe.

At that 2004 show the most outrageous thing that happened was Matt Willis losing his trousers during a particularly enthusiastic 'Busted Jump'. At the time nine year old me squealed and blushed as he hastily yanked his jeans back up, keen not to expose himself in front of a room of young girls and their Mums. (In a side note, my Mother loved the wardrobe malfunction, and whooped enthusiastically.)

Fast forward ten years and me and the same girl that had been sobbing over the end of our favourite band returned to Nottingham's Capital FM arena, tickets in hand, to see McBusted. A supergroup formed of Matt Willis and James Bourne of Busted and that cool little band McFly, who after supporting Busted went on to have a pretty successful decade long career themselves.

The arena was full of the same little girls that loved Busted and McFly a decade ago, but they had swapped their flashing bunny ears for overpriced bottles of cider. And there wasn't a 'I