10/03/2017 06:24 GMT | Updated 11/03/2018 05:12 GMT

Why I Love Being A Woman

shelma1 via Getty Images

I bloody love being a woman. I can feel this piece in my fingers before I write it and I just want to scream at how happy International Women's day makes me but I don't want to freak my neighbours out by screaming WOMEN!!! at 11 on a Wednesday morning in the middle of Devon. It's that day now so god knows when this will be up. Sorry! But I just wanted to piece together a somewhat organised ramble on why I love women so much.

Firstly, a movement is stronger and more influencial if as many people are involved as possible. As the years have gone on, more and more women are taking to their social media accounts to scream and shout on this pretty special day and my god do I love that. The community feminism brings about and the love that is spread makes my heart melt or whatever it is that hearts do when they're emotional, who knows I'm not a scientist. The point is, this sense of solidarity and loyalty is infectious and bloody lovely. Women loving women is quite frankly more delicious than a gigantic tub of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, well I mean I'm not crazy ice cream is amazing. Okay, they are without doubt, on the same level of deliciousness.

Every other day of our lives we are surrounded by the tricky, dark and sickly web of the patriarchy and so to have this day of every woman coming together in solidarity and love is pretty special to me. Women are just so strong and powerful. We are inspirational, we truly are. Whether it's because you're a mum of 5 who has managed to push tiny humans out of what I can only describe as a very small orifice. Or you're a working gal climbing up that career ladder and smashing every goal you set out for yourself. Either way, god I salute you. You may be both and that's awesome too! You may be a military gal, kicking butt and taking names. And to that, I wipe the biscuit crumbs off my chin in shame and salute you as well.

Women are just incredible and I am so proud to not only be one, but to have subscribed to this movement of empowering them. Every life, every person you see is a result of a woman. Doesn't that just make you smile from ear to ear? It makes me smile like the cheshire cat. Women all around the world have woken up this morning in completely different circumstances, in different homes living different lives. But our hearts beat as one. (again not a scientist, is this possible?)

I stand, hand in hand with every woman. The women in third world countries who may not even be aware that this day is taking place. The women who's lives are drastically different to our own, I stand with you. I will fight for the rest of my life to protect women like you from the dangerous world that wishes to hurt you.

Women of colour, women who are disabled, women loving women, women who weren't born women but have been welcomed into our not so little community. Today is for you! Today is a day to celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of these women. To appreciate everything they do and everything that they are. This day enforces the message that feminism and being a woman is not about elbowing your way to the top, to the detriment of the women below you. It's about helping others who cannot get there as easily as you. It's about reaching your hands out to help others up to see how pretty great the view is from here.

Please take today to remember that if your feminism doesn't include all of these women. If your feminism does not include ALL women, then it's not feminism. Remember that together, we are stronger. We are unbeatable, unstoppable and totally powerful. Remember that we've gotten so far already but we have so much further to go. Remember that words can change the world. And women using words, well blimey that can change everything.

In true style and class, I wish to end this piece with all the professionalism and dignity of a 19 year old, woman loving writer...