18/02/2015 07:39 GMT | Updated 18/03/2015 05:59 GMT

How You Show Up Online Can Transform Your Lovelife!

One of my favourite things to do in this amazing life is to slowly walk across the bridge in Southbank in in London; it, reminds me of the magnificence and beauty of life. It feels tonight is a different night, something has changed, and as I walk and feel the cold breeze in my cheeks and eyes, I imagine how it feels like to cross the same bridge holding hands with my beloved man!

As part of my New Years' changes I am giving online dating one more chance and tomorrow I'm meeting one of the guys! I have noticed though that unlike previous times I'm quite excited :) and made me reflect upon how we show up on a date with practically a stranger we meet online can change our lives.

I used to show up curious to learn more and see if there was chemistry, with hope that it would go fine and secretly fearing it would be just like the other dates with the other guys.... good and a pleasant chat but somehow it didn't work out. As I crossed the bridge tonight I was thinking 'Omg this is so exciting, tomorrow it may be that I meet the man of my life... or not haha". That thought made me think. ... what if I really knew tomorrow I was going to meet the man of my life, the one with whom I'll create the future I've dreamed of?.

If you are single and want a relationship ask yourself that question every time you go on first date with a guy you meet online, or for that matter anyone! I'm sure if you knew, you would be your best, be loving, caring and very grateful that you are with such an amazing man!

Perception changes everything, in the first scenario the energy that I'm putting out there is confusing, I'm excited, but somehow I'm expecting it not to work out, and in a way or another I'm assessing the guy. In the second scenario the energy that I'm putting out there is of full acceptance, love, joy & kindness.

Just by doing that I'm sure you'll transform your love life in just a very short time!

I challenge you to give it a try! To raise your own standards and own the results in your love life! Leave a comment or Tweet me and let me know how it goes : )

Much love,

Monica ♥