The Second Most Influential Londoner After The Queen

The Second Most Influential Londoner After The Queen

The progress 1000 is a list of London's most influential people in 2017. At second place is a 66-year-old man named, Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, who just so happens to be caliph of the worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim community. He is my Caliph!

My Caliph is opposite to the Caliph presented by the so called Islamic State (IS). Caliph means succession, to follow the example of the Holy Prophet and to lead the Muslim community onto the right path of true Islam.

My Caliph is a leading figure in promoting peace initiatives. Contrary to IS, my caliph aims to bring peace to the world according to the true Islamic teachings of Islam. Islam literally means peace and obedience. My Caliph strives to spread peace through speaking at the United States Congress (2012), European Parliament (2012), The conference of world religions (2014) to name a few.

My Caliph has dedicated his life for faith and to facilitate service to humanity. The Holy Qur'an constantly reminds Muslims of their duties towards mankind without which Muslims cannot become true Muslims (Chapter three, verse 111). My caliph oversees the work of the International Association of Ahmadi Architects and Engineers (IAAAE) and Humanity First. Both of these organisations have under the guidance of my caliph, built numerous schools, hospitals and water pumps in remote areas of the world. These are for all people, irrespective of their religious or ethnic background.

My Caliph communicates with his members via his weekly Friday Sermons, in which he shuns the ideology of extremism. As my holy book tells me, killing a person is as if the whole of mankind had been killed and saving a person is like saving all of mankind (Qur'an, Chapter five, verse 33). My caliph has led us to convey the peaceful message of Islam through all forms of print and digital media. Ahmadi Muslims around the world are engaged in distributing millions of 'Peace' leaflets to all. We host interfaith, peace symposia and present exhibitions to allow the public to learn about the true and noble message of Islam.

My caliph tells me to be loyal to my country. I am British and I am loyal to Britain. This is my home. When Britain feels pain, so do I. When Britain is happy, so am I. On 27th May of this year, my caliph condemned the utterly barbaric Manchester terror attack and expressed pain and solidarity with Britain. Ahmadi Muslims across the UK held vigils for those who lost their lives and provided support to those who lost their loved ones. Our jihad is of love, mercy and compassion.

This is my caliph. This is my community which promotes the message 'Love for All, Hatred for None'. I am an Ahmadi Muslim who will always spread the peaceful message of Islam and serve mankind.


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