08/07/2013 12:04 BST | Updated 06/09/2013 06:12 BST

Good Comedy in London?: "Killing Ms D"

If you like your stand-up comedy based on the kind of human insight that will give you a more satisfying laugh, go and see "Killing MissD." Daphna Baram has pulled together a rollicking show featuring her reckless body-sharing alter-ego MissD that will have you cringe, shocked and belly-laughing in quick succession. For a start, you'll never look at an ambulance in quite the same way, as troublesome MissD finds opportune ways of scoring big whatever the circumstance. She charts her departure from Jerusalem to London and proves that where there is life - even when it involves the defence of suicide bombers, unintelligible cultural codes or a near fatal encounter - there is comedy! You just watch the unfolding lack of comprehension when an Englishman says to an Israeli "Let's just leave it there, shall we?"

Ever since I saw this Edinburg-bound show, I have had something of the self-satisfied sports scout about me. You see I've got one up on smug Fringe-visiting returnees who will rightly show off with rib-tickling anecdotes from this fifty minute show. And MissD's a vibrant on-stage raconteur full of energy and arch knowingness that you'll remember. There is one last London preview performance as part of a double bill with Rory O'Hanlon. She describes him as "piss-your-pants-funny" so get in quickly and find a seat at Arch1, Westham 1 Cranberry Lane, London E16 4BJ on Thursday 18 July. If you don't live in the capital, there's another chance to see it in Brighton on the 25th of July at the Neighbourhood Bar, from 8pm.

There are also Miss D's Silver Hammer weekly Monday comedy club nights. It features, year-round, a half dozen of the best of the circuit comedians for a voluntary bucket contribution at the end. Ava Vidal, Trevor Lock, Mark Dolan and Mary Bourke, among others, have found themselves on MissD's stage. Since May and in preparation for the Edinburg Fringe Festival, this Monday night has put on The Edinburgh Previews Season. At The Regal Room, Distillers Arms, 64 Fulham Palace Road, these are double-bill previews in which the likes of Ian Smith&Tom Rosenthal, Damian Clark&Rory O'Hanlon and Luke Capasso&Gary Lynch appear. Upcoming bills include:

Mon 8 July: Nik Coppin: Mixed Racist + Paco Erhard: Djerman Unchained

Mon 15 July: Ben Verth: What is This Place + Doug Deanany: The Angina Monologues

Mon 22 July: Sameena Zehra: Homicidal Anarchist + Sean Mclouchlin: Backbone

The club will take a summer break from the 22 July and reopen on 9 September with a special show. In the interim, and if you're part of the cultural swarm that descends on the Scottish capital, then MissD will show at the Festival from 1-15th August, 6:45pm in The Crypt at Jekyll and Hyde.