Archetypes: The Universal Language That we Should've Actually Learned in School...

In case you didn't already know, language is pretty important. So important that aside from the ability to think logically, our ability to communicate is one of the things that sets humans apart from all other species.

In case you didn't already know, language is pretty important. So important that aside from the ability to think logically, our ability to communicate is one of the things that sets humans apart from all other species.

Our ability to construct intricate languages to communicate abstract thought is the cornerstone to our 'successful' existence. But there is also an often ignored realm of communication that exists beyond words. A realm that we all know is there deep down and a language that we all understand to at least some degree.

This is the language of Archetypes.

Carl Jung described archetypes as a universal language. He described them as symbols and meanings which are stored within the collective unconscious. For example, we associate red with warnings, wings with freedom, water with tranquillity and so forth. Some not-so-day-to-day examples include Pluto as the mysterious power house, Saturn as the father or Tiger Eye crystal as creativity. There are just certain things that our subconscious minds recognise and agree with. And it spans way beyond English, French or Swahili. Through archetypes we're able to communicate with people beyond the confines of modern language.

Archetypes break down barriers and allow us to communicate things in ways that words never could. It's the language of musicians, painters, poets, innovators and many other types of awesome folk.

The benefits of learning this universally supreme language are a lot. Have a read of a few below...

Advanced Awareness

Want to know which degree would best suit you, ideal career, suitable working environment or perfect reflection partner? - Then get to know your inner Archetypes! Everything from where you'd fit well within a team, to what type of city would be the best habitat for you can be understood through these little gems. Psychometric tests such as the Myers Briggs is a pretty excellent start. But despite the immediate depth - once you really get into it, you'll realize that it's just the tip of a deceptively large and extremely intriguing ice burg.

Cultivating Creativity

Many artists are natural 'archetypists', but often don't realise the depth of their own communication. But it's this archetypal flare that actually draws people to artists. We're drawn to an artist's ability to convey a message in such a clear and soul touching way. Archetype usage is the hidden gem behind the best storytelling, music, photography and other visual art.

Boss Type Branding

This is becoming more and more well known. While many businesses are still stuck in the days of using simple buzzwords to brand their jewels, many are waking up to the value of using archetypes to both understand themselves and be understood by others. Branding through archetypes connects with people beyond the set standards - in one of the deepest ways possible. When you can both identify and be identified by universal symbols - you're always going to have a special edge.

Healing & Health

Foods are archetypes too! Food experts will be well aware that many foods actually look like the organ that they are good for. Even certain colours can also be indicators. Understanding the energy centres (aka chakras) of the body, along with the archetypal significance of certain body parts can also help to better understand the deeper causes of illness and shed a light on some of the potential remedies.

Igniting Innovation

People who develop the art of archetypal reading tend to be able to connect dots in ways that others would be unable. They have the ability to spot links and patterns that others would usually miss which can pave the way for some serious innovation.

Noticing Nature

There are no mistakes in nature and the archetypes that are found throughout are testimony to this. Through masculine, feminine, colours, energies, crystals, plants, seasons, numbers, planets and so forth. Understanding archetypes helps you see life through a super powered lens.

Fashion Framing

Seeing the world in Archetypes allows you to put yourself (or others) together visually for maximum impact. Sometimes we want to exude confidence, sometimes playful, sometimes serious and we have a rough idea of what colours can do this. Many of us do this subconsciously and just intuitively 'know' which colours or styles give off a certain vibe. But somebody who truly sees the world in all its archetypal glory can choose to have some seriously creative fun.

Pinpointing People

Of course, understanding archetypes can also help with sussing people out! (More politely known as people reading). You may already have it nailed to some degree, where you just seem to be able to read someone as soon as they walk in the room. But archetypal fluency allows you to quickly make sense and interpret the small signals that you're picking up on and understand them in a way that can give you a certain edge when it comes to understanding the people around you.

In summary, archetypes are the language of nature, the language of the soul and acts as a line of communication that lies dormant within every one of us. There are so many perks to developing archetypal awareness, it'd be selfish to not recommend it!