07/08/2014 09:16 BST | Updated 09/10/2014 11:59 BST

Nine Lessons From Global Leaders: Why We Should Stop Making Choices

Lots of us believe that personal freedom lies in the ability to make choices. We live in a society that tells us that freedom lies in the ability to choose between a range of different careers, that freedom lies in the ability to choose between moving to London or living in Paris or that democracy and freedom lies in the ability to choose between a handful of political parties. And it is this idea of choice that gives us a sense of freedom.

But I believe that this sense of freedom is merely an illusion.

For example: Is a man that has the option to choose between two brutally unsatisfying jobs classed as free? Or even if he has the choice of two hundred brutally unsatisfying jobs?

I would say he isn't. In fact, I would say he is actually limited by his choices.

I believe that true freedom is the ability to 'choose' beyond our options. And when we begin to choose beyond our options, we begin to move into the realm of creation; this is where the magic happens.

I've recently been working at a leadership programme designed for top leaders from around the globe and during my time there I came to find many of my hunches to be confirmed. From my observations, I've found that many of these self-made successful global leaders, top entrepreneurs, CEO's and mega stars all have one thing in common. They may not all be aware of this commonality, but it definitely seems to be there to some degree and it also appears to be a fundamental trait behind their success. This commonality lies within their ability to refuse to choose... and decide to create!

Here are 9 reasons we should all stop choosing and start creating:

1. A lifestyle beyond limits

When we choose, we our confined to a limit, a box or a confined area - we only see what is apparently directly in front of us. Whether we have 2 options or 22,000 options, we still operate on a limited basis. But when we move into the realm of creation, we realize that options aren't the be all and end all and that we can create that which doesn't yet exist. (Or at least that which doesn't yet seem to exist.)

2. Self Leadership

Creating means that we become a master of our own ship, our confidence rises along with our level of passion. Refusing to choose means refusing to give your power away to external sources. This just makes it easier to become a total powerhouse.

3. Personal freedom and Authenticity

The realm of creation means that we no longer need to go through the daunting process of attempting to fit ourselves around a career - instead we mould the career around who we are. This makes our professional path stand out. And when you deliver that pitch or go to that interview, it becomes that little bit easier to shine, because fundamentally you're just delivering a piece of who you are!

4. Increased confidence

You can start to say bye bye to many of those horrible feelings of doubt or fear of not being good enough. After all, if you create your career who could possibly make you feel incapable or under-qualified for a professional path that you created? Mistake? Or just part of the plan?

5. Unstoppable mind set

You become audacious; in the most beautiful way possible. Instead of thinking of why you can't, you focus on why you can!

6. Have your cake and eat it

The days of choosing between being a writer and a fitness coach are long gone. As are the days of choosing between earning a good income and making a positive impact in the world. It's 2014 and it turns out that you can actually have your cake and eat it too!

7. You become magnetic

You become fully focused and know exactly what you want and what you're about. This energy emanates to others and the right people and circumstances seem to gravitate toward you. This is the point where you start to wonder if this whole Law of Attraction thing might be more than just a new-age myth.

8. A whole new perspective

THIS is that thing that everyone's talking about - the art of creative thinking, creative leadership and the art of creative living. When we move into this realm, we begin to broaden our perspective, break out of our self-created box and into a new territory; A territory that is home to ground breaking innovation, genius, true freedom and success.

9. The ability to do more with your career

Lastly, moving away from choices means that we can magnify the impact of our career. It means that making a difference in the world no longer has to involve charity work or becoming a Martin Luther King type revolutionist. It means that no matter what professional path we take in life, we can apply the creative thinking needed to figure out how we can best use our career to make a difference in the lives of others.