07/01/2016 08:41 GMT | Updated 06/01/2017 05:12 GMT

Brave or Just Foolish?

New Year's resolutions, mine is... BORE OFF. We don't want to hear about one of the many things that we can't all keep. Along with secrets, promises and hairdressers haircuts. (It's just never the same once you have washed it)

This month I'm going to talk about physical comedy. The simplest, easiest forms of comedy, yet also, in some respects, the most difficult. Let me explain.

I love physical comedy. I watch it, I do it, I perform it, I think it and I admire it. In my opinion, as far as brain power is concerned, it's very easy. You don't have to structure a written joke; you don't have to read the news to talk about current affairs. You don't have to sit and write a list of puns and memorise them. You don't have to watch the opposite sex for hours and put together all the bizarre observations you notice about them. BUT, if you have a fraction of fear about looking stupid and/or have a lack of stage presence, physical comedy will be extremely difficult for you.

What feels like a century ago, during University, in a study of Metatheatre, ( comedy performance with tragedy ) The part I played was silent and I was most put out as I had auditioned for the leading lady. However, I really liked my drama teacher and she told me to trust her. Low and behold by the time the show came to play, my silent character was full of physical comedy and facial expressions which got tremendous laughs.

It didn't even occur to me that there was a love of physical comedy until I actually put everything together. Watching Bottom, Shooting stars and Faulty Towers growing up always made me laugh. And being a huge fan of Jim Carrey, Norman Wisdom, Lee Evans and Rowen Atkinson, all makes sense now.

I made a bold decision last year to add un rehearsed physical comedy to my solo show. I won't lie; I did it to fill time. But something inside told me it would work. And it did. Almost too much where I've been told several times to scrap my spoken jokes ( that I've spent the last 5 years writing, testing and sometimes struggled to get right ) and just do a show on physical comedy.

I think it all stems down to stupidity. I've been told a ridiculous amount of times that I'm "brave" for looking like a fool.. Is that a back handed compliment? I don't see myself as brave at all. I see myself as an idiot who likes to make people laugh. Being voted class clown at school obviously meant something. I'm 32 and I danced with a mop in a public toilet recently.

My show is back on this month (see how I've plugged this?) And I've added more physical comedy just by extending the bits I already did. Again, it's untested. I just trust my stupid facial expressions and foolish behaviour will get me my laughs like it always has.

If you would like to see my foolish behaviour. Please book at a ticket through Etcetera theatre website. My show is called CHAOS and is on 20th and 21st January 9pm. I look forward to seeing you see me look "brave".