I'm Famous Enough!

I'm Famous Enough!

Another year - 2016 and I can't help but ask- HOW is "Celebrity" Big Brother still going? The word celebrity is used lightly here considering the last three years have had very few real celebs entering the house. But this year takes the biscuit. As I looked at the line-up, recognising only Samantha Fox and that annoying bloke from Storage Hunters (when did buying junk make you a celebrity?) I couldn't help but wonder - am I famous enough to enter the CBB house next year?

I'm not ashamed to admit I used to watch BB and CBB back in the day when it was good. Seeing the likes of Jack Dee, Michael Barrymore, Ulrika Johnson and Julian Clary, REAL celebrities was actually interesting to watch. The same goes for BB years ago, with very normal people interacting with other normal people and a few eccentric people thrown in, made the show so much more interesting to watch. Now, with its blow up dolls, players and home wreckers, it's all become very predictable and a tad tacky.

What I find fascinating, is now, the "normal" non celeb Big Brother house contestants even have minor contacts to the glitzy world of showbiz. The son of famous chef Marco Pierre White was in the "normal" house this year, yet an X factor reject from the AUDITIONS is in the CBB house this year. Baffling! It seems both CBB and BB have kind of merged into one Zlisting, fame hungry desperate state of affairs.

So, me, Naomi Hefter, one-time star of Channel 4s documentary of Why and I still single, 7 page spread Loaded model (and high street honey in FHM 2005), Stand-up comic who has gigged in several countries around the world and of course, blogger.... Does this make me qualified? Ok, my sister isn't a singer from America, and I haven't had an affair with a politician, but I've been spotted in the street and had the Sun newspaper write about me! This MUST make me unfamous enough surely??

So who knows, next year, if CBB producers can scrape together enough unknown celebrities like that one who appeared in one episode of TOWIE, and that other one who was on Embarrassing Bodies, they may be able to put together one more show. You never know, you may spot me entering the house and leaving viewers asking "who is she?"

I can't leave my blog this way, I am joking about entering. I wouldn't enter the house if they offered me £50,000! (the usual asking price of the unknown celebrities who go in) . Money may be an incentive, especially if you have blown all your money on cocaine or you are desperate to get EE boobs to appear on Love Island. But in the long run, you are only going to be known as that person who went into CBB and got drunk, which inevitably will damage your career even more. ..... unless of course you are lucky enough to be a REAL celerity and get your career back on track. Mark Owen.

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