21/04/2014 10:09 BST | Updated 17/06/2014 06:59 BST


Dear diary,

I've got a great week coming up! My first gig at Birmingham's The Glee, dinner with friends and a date Saturday night. Oo - err, what shall I wear!?

But there is a catch..

This is not the first date with the guy in question... it's more like, the 300th date with the lucky fella. Yep, you've guessed it; I'm on a date with an ex!

When we broke up, I dated LITERALLY well over a hundred guys. (In the space of five years) Some for a few months, others for one glass of awkwardness... but none of them quite lived up to the infamous ex.

Going back out with an ex is like trying outfits on a Friday night out with the gals. You always end up wearing the first outfit you tried on!

But before I wow my date with a fabulous outfit, I need to get my arse on a smelly Mega bus to Birmingham after work and perform to the Midlands.

When you do a comedy club like The Glee in Birmingham, where you are not even the headliner, you find yourself caught up in the middle of feeling most proud of yourself, feeling that you have come so far since your fist ever gig. But then also, feeling way out of your depth being around pro's who have been gigging for 15 years, wondering how the hell you are even going to manage to get on the stage. (I mean this literally!)

I'm currently writing my 2015 Edinburgh show, while at the same time trying not to feel bitter and twisted when I see my fellow comics write about their 2014 Edinburgh show ( 2014 Edinburgh festival has been cancelled in my mind ). But being offered such good venues to get my name more known is not the place to be trying out brand new untested material. Not knowing if talking about having a secret crush on the blonde one from One Direction or wishing Hitler could come round for dinner is not the time at The Glee. So I plan to do my loved and requested material and just to enjoy it. Turning all nerves into "positive adrenalin"

Then of course there is dinner with friends to look forward to. Four of us gals out to an American diner for steak and cocktail's. Our aim is to trying not to get too wasted before 10pm, before getting bared and then arrested for running away from the taxi driver without paying. .. A "friend of a friend" did this once.

I know exactly what I'm wearing on my night out with the girls - but I may try out a few other outfits first. Before wearing the outfit I've already chosen.

Looking forward to catching up with you next month.

Lots of Love, Me.