07/10/2013 10:00 BST | Updated 23/01/2014 18:58 GMT

You Don't Have to Be a Comedian to Relate to This!

As comedian, there are a few things we all do on a regular basis - write, cry ( of laughter? How ironic ) and drink. A lot. I drank a lot on Friday night. Then I woke up the following morning with that familiar feeling. You know the one - Your stomach eating up your insides and your head pounding like its been smashed against your head board all night long - maybe it was, but you just cant remember. Yes, we are talking about the dreaded hangover. Something almost nearly everyone has endured, prolonged and suffered. With 14 year's worth of hangovers, I have tried and tested many cures. And asked others for their trade secrets along the way. Picking up some very unusual tips. If you wish to try any of these, don't say I didn't warn you! From sleep, to a cold shower , to more sleep and a pint of water, you would think it would be that simple to cure that dreaded hangover, but for some, its not that clean cut. After 27 consecutive days of drinking non stop at Edinburgh festival, my cure was that there was no cure. I woke up to a vodka lemonade with a fresh slice of lime ( an important segment of 1 of my 5 a day ) wondering why I didn't have a hangover. To carry on drinking on top of all the drink seems like the perfect option, however, eventually you will either end up in hospital or like me, back in London in bed for a week with a hangover that hit me all like ton of bricks. I were made to believe that a packet of Scampi fries and a Ribena was the perfect hangover cure . But trying to hunt down a rare packet of fish flavoured, crumb covered square's of air on a Sunday at 9am was a MISSION. Ive been insisted on as soon as you wake up, to down a pint of cider with a spoon full of sugar! Though I don't think Mary Poppins would oblige. But if food is the first thing you need with a stinker of a hangover, you can either go down the road of a greasy fat burger, the left over Chinese or the cold half eaten pizza to soak up all the toxins OR you can dig out your sensible side and try to eat a whole bag of spinach - The phytochemicals in the green stuff is meant to literally zap away all the crap. Why do you think Popeye is so happy and healthy? If you literally wake up, still sweating out the alcohol from the night before, trying to work out or even w**k it out could be an option, however, do you have the energy for running for an hour or tugging/flicking away for 3 minutes? I doubt it.. Depending on who you are and what you drank, your hang over cure may be very specific. There is always going to be a new craze and the latest phase . But a simple meeting at AA could be the ultimate cure.