27/08/2015 11:54 BST | Updated 26/08/2016 06:59 BST

Powerful Lesson From One Year Travelling the World

People travel for different reasons. Some are seeking adventure, others relaxation, people trying to learn about themselves, about a new culture, to feel... I travel to see the world. Our planet is too big and too beautiful, I feel an urge to discover it, to experience it.

I couldn't just stay in one place all my life knowing that there are many new friends to be met out there, religions to understand, landscapes to admire and experiences to live. So I decided to move! It has been 15 months that I got my husband by hand, packed our stuff and hit the road. Now I´m a nomad, writer and travel blogger at Love and Road.


Although I´m not seeking anything special, either an answer or a solution for my endless questions and thoughts, after 1 year travelling I do learn a lot. I figured out many interesting things about myself and about other people, and now I have more questions and weird thoughts than ever before... That's what long-term meaningful travel does to you.

After one year wandering and wondering around the globe, I decided to put together the important lessons I've soaked up. I thought I could write one of those trendy articles "10 Lessons from 1 year travelling the world". Sometimes I'm so naive!

Every night, when I go to bed and lay my head over my pillow, I always glimpse about how the day was and my plans for the future. In one of those night thoughts, I realized that although I have come across many outstanding cultures and knowledge, at the end of the day there is only one big lesson from one year travelling the world. Not 10, 12 or 20 to brag in a trendy blog post. This one lesson is quite simple, and maybe that´s why most people forget about it. Probably that is the reason it has touched deep in my soul.

My Lesson from one year travelling around the world:

"We are all the same.

We want to be loved and happy"


This revelation was bugging me for almost a month, until I had the smart decision of giving up my "10 something" blog post and stick to my feelings. Actually it is quite a contradictory situation. I had to experience the contrast, meet the unknown, feel the doubts and step to the edge, so I could reach a simple and amazing conclusion.

We are all the same! We do have different believes, unique social behaviours, a plethora of skin tones, and a thousand languages and dialects... But we are the same! Bones and flesh, dreams, fears, a pulsing heart, an utterly desire to be happy and loved.

The diversity of costumes, religions, belief and shapes are what make us so interesting and beautiful. However, those differences should never keep us apart. East and west, Islamic and Christian, black, white, yellow, straight, gay... People create so many labels, subdivisions, groups, casts, that most of us take them as truth and believe that the world should be divided. More than already is!


I went so far from home to realize that albeit we live in distinct and peculiar ways, our differences should never keep us apart. Our diversity and cultural divergences should never be used as an instrument of fear, of domination, or a standard to decide what is right or wrong, better or worst. We already have enough borders to cross, we don't need to create more imaginary ones.

From south to north, east to west... From the strange man on the other side of the world to our closest friends and dearest family, we are the same. We are humans and we all want to be happy and loved.

This one lesson was learned through smiles and talks. The most lovely and easy way to learn about a life. My teachers? All the people I have met and the friends I have made during this one year journey. They are responsible for the most important lesson I've learned from 1 year travelling the world. I wish I could say this in person: Thank you all!!!

What travel has taught to you? Please leave your thoughts and lessons.

PS: This article first appeared on Love and Road Inspiring Travel Stories