06/05/2016 10:59 BST | Updated 18/02/2018 05:12 GMT

Bell Sleeves: Seven Times You'll Seriously Regret Wearing Them

This week alone I wore two items of clothing with large, wafty sleeves in the name of being a bit summery. But both times I had to really, really try hard to keep them safe from bodily fluids, wine or spaghetti bolognese sauce. Here are seven times bell sleeves proved completely impractical...

Recently, I've learned a lot about bell sleeves - namely that they're really difficult to wear without feeling some kind of rage towards them.

While I thoroughly enjoy the whole Hocus Pocus meets Maid Marian meets Seventies boho look, I've recently discovered that flared sleeves just aren't practical on a day-to-day basis.

Here are seven times you'll inevitably regret wearing them...

1. When you go to the toilet

It comes to the point in your bell-sleeve-wearing-day where you need to go to the toilet and, if you're female, use loo roll.

But much to your horror, it all gets a bit chaotic because your sleeve wants so desperately to merge with the tissue.

The whole ordeal ends with you trying to wrap your sleeve around your arm a few times to keep the excess material safe, while trying to manoeuvre your other hand in the appropriate area.

So. stressful.

2. When washing hands

Hygiene is always a great idea. But bell sleeves, much like the devil, try and make good hygiene difficult.

When you're washing your hands and your sleeves are in the sink, getting wet and becoming soggy little sandwiches, it just isn't the one.

3. When making tea

Picture this: you're making a cup of tea and you go to take the teabag out. Then, your cream, excessively flared sleeve wafts down out of nowhere and lands in the cup.


4. When moving fast

When you ride a bike (or even walk a bit faster than normal), your sleeves get all excited and become very animated in the wind.

Aaaaaand you end up looking like Harry Potter.

5. When eating food with sauce

Let's face it, if you're eating food with a colourful sauce then it's going to end up on your rogue sleeves at some point.

Stain remover at the ready.

6. When you wear zips

Floaty sleeves + zips = major mayhem.

You're guaranteed to get your sleeves caught in them at some point, and if it's the one near your crotch then I seriously feel sorry for you.

7. When you put on your coat

If there's roughly five metres of sleeve dangling from your arm it can be difficult to place it inside the sleeve of your coat without either a) making it look like you're on steroids or b) creasing up all of that neatly ironed material.

Just give it up already.