23/02/2014 16:34 GMT | Updated 25/04/2014 06:59 BST

The Voice UK - Prepare for Battle!

This Saturday saw the final round of blind auditions for Season Three of The Voice UK with yet again being the last to fill his team. Also showing that the new panel and programming shift has worked with the show beating Saturday Night Takeaway in the ratings war. According to UK TV ratings " With 7.25m/31.2% #TheVoice UK got the better of Ant and Dec's #SaturdayNightTakeaway (6.48m/27.8%) at 7pm last night." Impressive stuff. Lets hope the viewers stay attached. I can promise you there are some pretty amazing battles coming up this Saturday.

It certainly was a jam packed episode with emotions running high as again singers tried to get the coaches to hit that button and gain a place in their team. It was moving watching the wonderful Liz Oki reduce to tears. It definitely got me going, seeing men cry always affects me for some reason, I met Liz and she's such a lovely woman. Again there were some brilliant singers who just missed out like Angie Brown. Twitter was filled with messages of shock that no one turned for Angie singing her own classic 'I'm Gonna Get You..'. It's so hard on that last day. The coaches waiting for that special person to fill the last place. As contestants we aren't told how many places a coach has left so you never know if there is room left for you. Once the teams are all full they are full and you miss out on your chance. Imagine if they filled the teams on the first day!

So now the Teams are full -

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The Battles

So up next this Saturday it's the battle rounds. Time to get our fight on. The hardest part of the battles for me was that we had to battle someone in our own team. We quickly formed a family on Team Ricky. Mainly because Ricky is so inclusive, supportive and caring about us all. We were immediately connected. In our first meeting it was clear Ricky was truly behind us and just wanted us all to be the best we could be. All of a sudden we were friends and we didn't want to turn and have to battle one of our own. I always thought it would have been much easier to battle another team. I could imagine Ricky leading us into battle like a true Kaiser Chief, geeing us up from the sidelines staring down in his spaceship across the battle field. Now that would have been fun! Who would have the most contestants standing at the end?

In fact we were such a family on Team Ricky we made this in his honour! - I Predict A Riot by Team Ricky -

We had so much fun making that. It was the genius idea of Beth McCarthy. I don't think an entire team video had been done before on any other Voice series. She called me with the idea and I knew we had to make it happen. I filmed most of it with the odd few that couldn't make it down having to makeshift at home. Via webcam, iPhone or whatever we got us all in it! Then sat up in my spare time editing it all together. We hope Ricky and the rest of Kaiser Chiefs like it!

So tune in this Saturday on BBC 1 to see the battles and judging by this photo see if I give birth to a boy or a girl!