25/08/2016 11:48 BST | Updated 25/08/2017 06:12 BST

Kim Kardashian IS A Feminist Icon - And Here's Why

Last night I sat with my family and listened to their criticisms of the Kardashian family. Apparently, a woman with intelligence is foolish to even think of them fondly. Kim was even branded 'anti-feminist'. And while I held my tongue at dinner last night, I completely and respectfully disagree. Kim Kardashian is a feminist icon. .

To even suggest she might not qualify for icon status as a result of her 'ill-gotten' fame is unfair. She is, unarguably, confident with her own body. She is a poster girl for the curvier woman, and presents her body and self in an unapologetic, get-on-board-with-what-you've-got kind of way. She is totally unafraid of judgement and proves that there is no shame in being liberated and proud of your body. Kim Kardashian is showing women everywhere that, regardless of any opinions others may have, it is more than ok to feel comfortable in your skin. KK has proved this not only through THAT infamous selfie, but with her responses for those who attempt to belittle her.

Kim is a girl's girl. It is increasingly clear that body confidence and empowerment mean a great deal to her. Even since the dawn of Keeping up With the Kardashians, she has promoted her support for women and the importance of standing up for each other.

An incredible success, she is flying the flag for independent women everywhere - and for building your empire no matter where you came from. It is established public knowledge that Kim's first shot at fame came after her leaked sex tape. She used that attention and painfully public shaming to begin building her brand - first of all? Multiple reality television shows and a clothing store. Need I say more?

Undoubtedly, the Kardashian clan have mastered the art of marketing. Like them or not, there is no argument against their following of millions. It seems like that family are everywhere, right? Well, they are. The Kardashians are the gratified owners of a $65million brand and have their marketing skills to thank for said success. Kim knows her brand and understands her target audience. Step 1 in Marketing for Beginners. She knows what they want, and she gives it to them.

As unimaginable to you as it may appear, Kim's Social Media content and posts are created meticulously and consistently to suffice her audience's desires and fantasies. She isn't one to shy away from exposure, and no matter rain or shine, it is guaranteed she'll be taking a selfie/tweeting/posing for her next magazine cover. The entire clan are aware of their imperfections, which contributes massively to their brand. Should a tabloid comment on their weight loss or gain? You can bet that, within days, their endorsements for waist trainers, diet pills, workout videos and detox teas take over multiple social feeds. There truly is no such thing as bad publicity, and frankly, their imperfections only contribute to making the sister's that bit more relatable. They too have bad hair days, frequent break outs and 'cheat meals' that last for entire weekends - and are not afraid to flaunt them.

Kim Kardashian, whilst having grown up with a privileged background, has worked for what she has achieved - making her relevant, relatable and engaging. Post porno, she made the best of a bad situation, worked with what she could and began to explode into the audacious, formidable woman that she is now. It's becoming clear that the well-known family are experts in 'breaking the internet'. Sorry, not sorry.

Whilst she may have remarked that she doesn't identify as a feminist, she has since clarified claims by explaining how she will "always fight for women's rights" and will continue to "encourage women to be open and honest about their sexuality, and to embrace their beauty and their bodies". She elucidates that she is only against labels; whether they be 'poor', 'Democrat', 'Republican', 'plus-sized', 'bisexual' and even 'feminist'. She concluded by shutting down beliefs that supporting certain things should automatically brand you with a label and shone light on the fact that Feminism is the fight for equality, and about ALL human beings being treated equally.

As Lena Dunham, in light of Kim's nearly nude selfie, rightfully claimed; "Every version of being female and feeling empowered is fucking great with me."