Large congregations of worshippers could be the ideal place for the virus to spread – here's what faith leaders are doing to stop that happening.
And almost a third think Islam encourages Muslims to carry out acts of violence against non-Muslims.
Last year British Ahmadi mosques were forced to introduce airport-style security.
'Serve them, sit with them, pack them a meal, then take them home.'
With waves of terror attacks hitting Europe in recent months, mistrust of Islam has reached a higher level than ever. To
Numerous people have committed atrocities in the name of Islam recently. However to erase the misconception that all Muslims
Whilst bombs can destroy extremists, they cannot destroy extremist mentalities. It is only through penetrating the hearts of the world through love, and doing whatever one can to improve the lives of others, that a hateful ideology can truly be defeated. Whatever one's background or faith, the concept of love driving out hate must surely be one that is easy to endorse.
Ahmadi Muslims will host prayers across the UK today in solidarity with the victims of the Punjab mosque attack which left
What's my offence - am I neglecting my prayers, or not eating halal meat? Allow me to first tell you how I came into my faith and practice it today, and then judge for yourself.
Imagine something dear to you. Imagine something that defines you. Imagine something that is your identity. Imagine it being