The group later tweeted a scene from "Rambo" in which the titular character calls on his comrades to "die for something."
Joe Biden has overtaken Donald Trump in Pennsylvania. If he wins there, he wins the presidency.
The president's fans were angry at the network for calling Arizona for Joe Biden.
Video taken Saturday aboard an Allegiant Air flight from Arizona to Utah shows a man choking another passenger who refused to wear a mask.
Texas, Arizona and Florida all reported the highest single-day increases in coronavirus cases on Tuesday.
The Arizona man and his wife had taken an aquarium cleaning product after hearing President Trump touting chloroquine as a possible treatment for COVID-19.
Chris Taylor, a Republican and combat veteran, said he's seeking treatment for his substance abuse disorder.
The bucket hat didn't do much to hide the fact that the passenger was actually a Halloween prop.
Gruesome new details have emerged about the Arizona body donation facility that told people their loved ones would aid medical science.
A dramatic helicopter rescue went awry when a woman in Phoenix was airlifted after becoming injured during a hike. The stretcher carrying the 75-year-old began to spin rapidly out of control mid-air. The woman was treated for nausea and dizziness from the ride but was otherwise unharmed.