assisted suicide

MPs are debating the controversial guidelines on assisted suicide which could lead to some people avoiding prosecution for
Plans for a mobile euthanasia team to assist people to die at home have been given the go-ahead in Holland, according to
A fresh attempt to legalise assisted suicide in Scotland is being launched today despite defeat just over a year ago. Veteran
Those who have known somebody with a terminal illness will know the distress and concern that can be present towards the end of life, and the real vulnerability that exists amongst families in these circumstances.
As I understand the guidelines from the Director of Public Prosecutions, a spouse or even a family friend can assist somebody to die if they act out of compassion and love as far as these can be ascertained. Journalists seem to think this is a great concession which we should be happy with. I am not. All that is being tentatively offered means that amateurs will try to help other amateurs to die with, heaven help us, such mechanisms and drugs that they can get hold of. Frankly this is no better than suicide itself.
An assisted dying law would better protect both those who do want more choice and control at the end of their lives, and crucially those who may be vulnerable and need to be safeguarded.
Doctors could be given the right to be able to help terminally-ill people to die, a report proposed on Thursday. Adults who
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PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Crown Prosecution Service has not implemented a "blanket policy" banning the prosecution of cases
Martin Green, a dementia expert for the Department of Health, said patients who were too frail to take their own lives were