bell pottinger

Members of the opposition parties are happy with the outcome of the PRCA but want the Guptas to also face the heat.
What were they were brought in to do, why were they allowed to do it and what accountability is there now for their clients?
But the fight isn't over as Bell Pottinger's 'ugly stepchildren' are still at play, says the veteran spin doctor.
Disgraced Bell Pottinger will 'voluntarily' follow ethics code.
Bell Pottinger strode the globe like a colossus making a mint from manipulation. It works in countries where accountability is not great and so it grew a shield of impunity. That was until it got to South Africa where a robust media and a cottage industry of internet sleuths quickly uncovered their campaign.
The campaign "was by any reasonable standard of judgement likely to inflame racial discord in South Africa".
The full extent of Bell Pottinger's racially divisive campaign is laid bare in a law firm's report, the varying responses to Cyril Ramaphosa's sex scandal and another baba for William and Kate.
The announcement will officially be made at 1am South African time on Tuesday.
They had a smarmy, smug neocolonial attitude when I met them, writes our editor-at-large.