bladder cancer

These little microbes are more important than you realise.
Scientists have discovered an unlikely ally when using immunotherapy to fight cancer. Two teams have found that there is
Air pollution is already linked to 40,000 deaths a year in the UK.
Air pollution is already classified as a carcinogen thanks to its associations with lung cancer but there has been little
Pioglitazone is used to control blood sugar levels.
A drug used to treat people with diabetes could increase bladder cancer risk, new research has suggested. Pioglitazone is
Noticing blood in your wee isn't something you should ignore. A new campaign from Public Health England, called 'Be Clear
Women are mistaking symptoms of bladder cancer for urine infections and risking their lives by receiving late diagnosis, experts
Around 5,000 deaths in the UK are caused by bladder cancer each year, but British scientists may be one step closer to notably
If it's caught too late, the survival rates for bladder and kidney cancer are stark. Only one in three survive it beyond